The 1000 Calorie Challenge (downloadable workout included)

1000 Calories – It’s both more than you think, and not as hard as you think.  Break up the objective into smaller targets and anything is doable.  A cracking workout you can do in your own gym, and a real point of pride once you’ve knocked it over.  Allow yourself about 90 mins +- 15 mins depending on your individual speed.  The Assume Its Possible Team had minimum amounts of cardio to do on particular elements which was broken up as per below…This image btw, has been set up so that you can download the file to your phone and give it a crack yourselves.

1000 Calorie Challenge

Check out our crew knocking it out this morning.  Some thoughts and tips from myself (Pete) to go along with it.  Its going to make you sweat big time – but it’s far from impossible. Grab yourself some good friends, or some good music and just let the body move for 90 mins.  You’ll be so proud of yourself for doing it.


Pretty Simple – 1000 Calories. Simple doesn’t mean easy though.  We’re not just aiming for fit – but to be fit at everything. Well rounded fitness.

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