Online Squad – Super Fast HIIT & Slower Shoulder Smasher

New program time?  Why yes it is my friends.  What’s on the workout flavours menu this week? Let’s take a look shall we?
Why not join the crew?  $3 per week gets you two workouts each and every week!  Got the motivation to train yourself, but want the workouts of a certified Personal Trainer, Spartan Racer and Ironman?  Check us out:
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First up is “MOVING UP”

A shoulder targeted strength workout.  I has moves like squat presses (nicknamed thrusters), short uphill runs designed to deplete oxygen to the muscles rather than push cardio, pull-ups, seal sliders and handstands against a wall.
We’ve designed this one to suit all levels, so the hardest options are written on the workout.  That said, implement any and all options required:
Pull-ups can be done with feet on the floor, and body angled away from a bar
Handstand walk sideways, could be a plank position on the floor and shuffle sideways.
 There is no obligation to attempt anything that is way outside your comfort zone.  

The second workout is called……”Stomach Pump”.

 Grin – yep.  It is an incredibly short workout.  But is designed to be done FAST!  If you don’t have access to an assault bike, use a regular exercise bike instead.  The rest is self explanatory – but we will warn you – take as much time between elements as you need.  The stomach is going to let you know where your max limit is on this one.  In the bear-crawl, you are trying to go for all 3 mins.  If you cannot go any longer…and we almost guarantee you will need a rest – then stop….and get moving again as soon as you can. Make the most of your 3 mins, don’t just give up. Stop, collect yourself, then keep on keeping on.
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