We 3D Printed A Working Prosthetic Arm

It’s All For A Cause

Yep – there is a group out there called “e-NABLE” who dedicate their own resources and time to provide low-cost high functioning prosthetics to those who otherwise couldn’t afford such things. We recently aquired a 3D printer for hobbyist reasons, and having learnt a lot over the last few months on simpler items, we decided to take the plunge and see if we could do one ourselves on our smaller home printer.

Who is e-NABLE?

Straight from their website at:

“The e-NABLE Community is an amazing group of individuals from all over the world who are using their 3D printers to create free 3D printed hands and arms for those in need of an upper limb assistive device.

They are people who have put aside their political, religious, cultural and personal differences – to come together and collaborate on ways to help improve the open source 3D printable designs for hands and arms for those who were born missing fingers or who have lost them due to war, disease or natural disaster.

The e-NABLE Community is made up of teachers, students, engineers, scientists, medical professionals, tinkerers, designers, parents, children, scout troops, artists, philanthropists, dreamers, coders, makers and every day people who just want to make a difference and help to “Give The World A Helping Hand.””

So How’d We Do?

What Can You Do?

For a start – just go check out their website (link above). Have a look at all the incredible work being done and get an understanding for what’s involved here. No-one is asking for donations, though the options is certainly there if you would like to.

Amazing causes exist everywhere – you just need to look.

Much Love – Pete.

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