This Week’s Programs: Fast Twitch Trainer – Brute Force Builder

How often do you actually train for fast twitch muscles?  

Too often people just expect there to be a level of fast twitch, or they just accept that “this is how fast I am”.  Nope. Like anything, you can train to be faster – and like anything, it takes time.  We have a workout that is designed to push your speed, that’s the focus, everything else is there to give the speed push a rest, then hit it again.  We call it AFTERBURNER:

A speed and fast-twitch trainer. a grand total of 2.5km of running. Not far. But its all done at maximum speed. As the workout heads towards the finish, the reps of work in-between get less….but is that a good thing? Try to maintain a flat out run each and every time. The challenge wont be about breathing, but rather in keeping the muscles moving at a fast-twitch level. They’re going to want to relax around set 5.

Testing muscular endurance with mental endurance.

The other workout is a mental strength as well as pure strength workout.  Its based around ensuring you get maximum RANGE of motion.  It will get REALLY tempting to just get reps out, but you will be short-changing yourself.  You do this with perfect range, each and every time – therein lies the path to improvement. You are probably going to have singing shoulders and humming hamstrings after this treat which we’ve titled “Odds and Evens”. 
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