*Free Program* Training Spartan Race Aspects – With Downloadable Workout

A nice short High Intensity Interval Training style workout – It’s going to push all the buttons in all the ways an actual Spartan Race will.

Spartan Aspect Training:

The first section is to simulate the excitement of the start, and the burst of speed that everyone always puts on. Lets roll with that and learn to use it to our advantage. Start hard, recover whilst still moving and maintain your momentum.

You know what the worst is? Getting the first obstacle wrong – but it’s a real possibility. Lets practice just in case, so that it doesn’t throw you off the game if it happens.  30 burpees please, and we’re going to tax your core so it’s tight for your next run.

Speaking of – Push the speed in the last cardio – bring it home hard.  What’s a little bit of extra burn when the end is in sight?

Your last obstacle is going to wipe your hands and arm strength. Take the time you need to get your monkey bar set. Your grip will be slippery – PLACE your hands deliberately and don’t trust friction. HOLD THE BAR.  One of the things I get asked all the time is,

“Why can’t I use chalk for the Monkey Bars?”

So glad you asked – because in an actual event you are often getting out of water, or mud or are sweating like an actual leaky bucket, when you get to swing/climb obstacles and you sure as hell don’t have access to chalk then, so practice not having it now.


If you’re new to functional training – modify the actions as required to acheive success…..don’t just not do them.   Do pull-ups on a bar that is close to the ground, so that your feet can touch on an angle and you can use them to help.  About 45 degrees ensures you are using your arms a lot still, and anything lower is even better.  Toes to bar can be done the same way.  Hang from something low, legs on the ground – then lift your knees one at a time up to the bar.  One each leg counts as one rep total.


Spartan Micro.jpg

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