“Dante’s Inferno” & Pushing “Fortitude” Workouts

It’s new workout time!!!!
Come and join our online squad for $3 a week! It’s stupid cheap! It’s Stupid Fun – in fact…..it might be the smartest training move all year.  You know how to train hard, so let us write the workouts for you!
OOOOHHHHHH we have two fun one’s here for you.  Let’s talk about Fortitude first.
This is a our weights endurance burner.  A 21 minute Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) workouts – it cycles through 3 different moves to really test your oxygen burn through muscle activation.   There’s just enough reps to keep the cardio push real as well. Muscular endurance is a pretty gross feeling but becomes quite tolerable with practice.  There are indicated weights on this workout for experienced lifters – if you are just beginning your weights journey, please HALF these weights, we guarantee you’ll still find this VERY challenging.
Like the name, the idea is light everything on fire. Lungs, legs, arms…..A great pusher to get through once – and I strongly recommend we all try this again sometime and push for absolute speed! A known quantity means you can attack it smarter, having learnt what hit hard from the last time. On that note – remember what the hard parts were…. these are the areas you need to focus on for improvement. Stay strong in the sections you find easier – but push hard in the areas that you find difficult. 
One more time – it’s $3 a week…..You can’t get anything for that cheap nowadays
Jan Week 3 FB Ad - 2019.jpg

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