Tactical Workouts – Targeted Improvements

Weekly Workouts Are COMING!!!
For $3 a week – you get two specific and targeted workouts – join our squad!
Tactical Workouts?  What does that even mean Pete?  Aha!
We’re going to to be supplying a couple of workouts that specifically target certain training aspects.
This workout is designed to develop bodyweight strength whilst under oxygen deficit. Not earth-shattering, unable to breath deficit – but short explosive work, that then requires you to lift your body.  Muscles need oxygen to function…so the more oxygen we take away, the more efficient your muscles need to be with what they DO have.  Being able to be efficient with less – imagine what you can do with a full loading of oxygen!
This is a interval training program that helps you understand and improve your recovery times under cardiovascular loading. 80% efforts are still big! And after 3 or 4 rounds of whatever elements you choose first, you should be breathing really hard. In the one minute of rest whilst your partner is going hard, you are ACTIVELY trying to get your heart-rate down as much as possible, to absorb as much oxygen as possible. Trying to recover as much as possible.
By the same token – its an 80% effort, not 100%. We’re practicing some skills here, so don’t blow the doors off straight up. lol.
Once more – why not give us a go?  Know how to train, but lack the material to keep things interesting?
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