Power and Event Workouts – Online Crew Downloads

Online Crew, your weekly workouts are ready to go!!

Head over to:


And grab your downloads now.

Being able to push the body through endurance work at a high intensity for short periods is a fabulous way of improving both mental strength and cardio-respiratory function.

Our first workout then is called ” Redline Countdown”.
A 15 minute workout that gets shorter and shorter the further you get into it. It nevertheless gets more intense. Designed to promote maximum oxygen intake and power training in your muscles – this workout can be done on a variety of machines.

The second workout is “Elysium”.
This is a great workout to do with a friend as its a serious mission! You want that buddy by your side to help each other progress. Utilising mechanics of intervals, pyramids and sprints all in one workout, this is all-around event training for something like Spartan, at its best.

Looking for challenging workouts?! And we mean challenging! $3 a week gets you two different workouts each and every week. Less than a coffee and you’ll have all the training materials you need for your week.


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