Free Workout – Discover Your Cardio/Power Thresholds

Yep, another freebie workout.

Now this one looks simple on paper, but there’s some thought process required going into this – as you can potentially learn a lot about you strengths and weaknesses.

What is it?

This workout is designed for you to go as far (distance) as possible each set without blowing up. The time allowances get shorter every time, and each round you get 2 mins to recover. 2 mins is surprisingly a LOT of recovery time you’ll discover. What this means is, you really need to push yourself to give it all and utilise that rest .

What will you get out of it?

You’re going to discover whether your fitness is more geared towards longer endurance times like 5 or 4 mins, or whether you are able to better withstand shorter 1 and 2 min efforts. This only works on maximum efforts. 1 min immediately sounds easy – have tried to max sprint on a treadmill or an Assault Bike for 60 secs??? It’s disgusting, lol.

You can do this in any Cardio form (run, bike, row, assault bike), but whatever you choose, you stick with for every round and you absolutely give it all.

The best workouts teach you something about yourself – this is going to do that!

Got a Thought?

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