Weekly Workouts: Welcome To VomBomb! Yeah we’re not kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just published for our online squad!!

Grin – yes one of the workouts today is labelled Vombomb. The great thing is it’s short. The other one coming at you guys this week is WARP DRIVE. Also short, but strength based, this week is all about getting in, getting the workout done and getting back out again.

Join our team:

We put out two programs each and every week – just like these… For next to nothing! $3 a week. And if we don’t do it, you don’t get charged.


Oh we really like this bad boy. Preferably done with a team mate as there’s some setup with treadmills involved. If you’re hitting it solo, no fear, just do the prep in between (you’ll see what we mean). Utilising a preload move for maximal muscle and O2 fatigue, we then push through a Max Speed set of work. Sounds delicious, is delicious. Don’t eat before this one.

Another short one, but no fear, it has calorie and strength burn in spades. Alternating work and rest sets, the change comes from having to give your all for repeated short blocks, which is exceptionally challenging mentally.

One Cardio, one Strength, both time efficient and full of butt-kickery. You’re in for a solid teaching week friends.


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