Warm-Up: You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Oh that’s a broad sweeping statement isn’t it?

Yep.  By and large this is something so many people can work on to see immediate and drastic improvements in your workouts, particularly at the beginning.  A proper warm-up should have you at a point where you can, at worst, move yourself through ranges of motion and cardiovascular action comfortably…. at best – you should be able to execute all of that at peak performace levels.  This means that by the end of your “warm-up” – you are RED HOT to go!  Sweating!  Breathing Hard!

The name “warm-up” is incredibly misleading.  Let’s talk about how we can improve our warm-ups with proper engagement and specific targeting.

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Everything is possible. Never hold back. We celebrate and encourage the human ability to learn any skill with positivity and desire. No dream is too big.

We love gaming, fitness, technology, nutrition, learning – basically….everything. You can see more of what we get up to and the events we sponsor and organise at:

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Website – http://www.assumeitspossible.com

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