Weekly Workouts – “Ultramar” & “Percival” 30 min timebombs

The Weekly Workouts are coming!!!  Wednesday is approaching and that means that the new batch of challenges are coming your way.  Good, i’m just about finished being sore testing out one of the new ones “Ultramar” – grin – but I digress.

Jump into our squad for 2 CHALLENGING yet achievable workouts every week, releasing 9am Wednesdays.  They scale, so no matter what fitness level you are, there are options to help you achieve completion.  $3 a week – yep….you won’t find anyone else doing anything like us, or for anywhere near that price.  Try it and see.


Two Workouts that take approximately 30 mins each.  One strength and one composite.  We introduce “Ultramar” and “Percival”.  Ultramar, being the strength workout, is designed as a benchmark style workout – any of the moves you can’t complete in full range – take an option that means you can achieve it (like pull-ups, do them on an incline with feet on the floor if you need to).  Percival is an interesting blend of co-ordination, cardio and strength.  Designed to not be extraordinarily difficult, it is awkward however, and therein lies the challenge whilst breathing heavily.
This Gothic named Monster is one of those workouts you feel for days. Literally. 30 minutes time cap the idea is to set it so you can’t finish it the first few times you try, to create a new benchmark to achieve. Short round, medium round – and a round that is both combined together. Adapt every round to extended sets. Change your rest intervals. Be as smart with the workout a possible.
The second Knights of the Round table workout. Not especially hard in isolation of each exercise, but all booked together? There are some serious choices to go hard if you wish. The coup de’gras is the challenge of Percival’s faith, which we emulate through the seeing what you can summon in 2 mins of unstoppable assault bike effort. Bring the fire.
Can you hold on and conquer the holy force that is the 2nd holiest of the Knights of the Round Table.
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