Interval Training Workouts: 1 For Speed – 1 For Endurance

So here’s what’s happening this week friends.  We have two workouts that are quite similar in structure.  One of these is designed to help promote your confidence in speed….one is to build your endurance under pressure.
Our First, and shorter one, is called “Mimic”.
 Designed to do a few things: – Improve your confidence in pushing your maximum efforts (i.e, discovering where your speed limits are and testing them safely) – Get the body used to transitioning between cardio and strength elements – Practice interval heartrate and metabolic control….i.e turning hardwork efforts on and off.
Best done with a partner, more for support than anything else, but absolutely able to be done solo as well.  A solid Abdominal set tacked onto the end as well for that stability and 6-pack pop!
The longer of the pairing is called “Labyrinth”.
 Simple, solid work. Nothing overtly complicated – just complete for time.  A mixture of longer cardio efforts – you can swap out runs for bike rides (just multiply the distances by 3) – and functional body strength work.  This workout is a slower burner that will get you adapting through effort load changes to find your working rhythms over 5 rounds.  Clarification – a handstand wall walk, is where you walk your feet up a wall, but the height is up to you. Not confident with a high handstand?  Have your feet lower down, closer towards a plank position.
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