Super Sets & Havoc: Workouts for the Week

You can get 2 challengingly kickass workouts each and every week – for $3…..yep. $3.

Let’s talk about “Havoc” first:

Speed and fast-twitch development training. Each round is designed to be faster than the one before. Distances get shorter and shorter so you can keep increasing your speed without blowing out the lungs too hard. The strength sets after each run, are supposed to be fine STRAIGHT after each run. You can then take as long as you need to set yourself for the next effort.

Build your confidence in your power. By the last rounds, the muscles in your arms and legs will be fatigued from oxygenless burn, not your lungs as much.

And so what about “Super Sets”:

3 working blocks.  The first is a functional strength set, is all about utilising your own bodyweight.  The second set is bringing in externalized weights in conjunction with the previous style  And final set is a combination of light cardio and some heavier weight movements to really burn through the extra calories.

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