A Week of Absolute EPIC: Two of The Toughest Workouts We’ve Ever Released

Releasing on Wednesday 9am:

We’ve got two massively challenging workouts for you.  Now hold up – massively challenging doesn’t mean out of reach.. These are accessible to anyone and just need the mental fortitude to persevere through.  Break each of these workouts down into small parts – target them bit by bit rather than focusing on the whole outcome, which can be overwhelming.  Training is not just physical, but mental as well.
You can join our squad – and receive our functional fitness workouts (2 of them!) each and every week.  $3 a week is all it will set you back.  Head on over to our platform to check it out.

El Diablo

This one’s going to play with your mind. There’s going to be lots of “C’mon step down, C’mon just stop” thoughts going on. Just as much as this is a big physical workout, it’s a huge mental exercise. My advice, don’t stop moving. Start each section slowly as the body adjusts, and then once it does, increase speed. Rather than hard stop, which doesn’t achieve anything, keep moving slowly, keep making progress as you recover. Keep the positivity in action and watch the mind rally.
Simulating a Spartan Sprint distance, with assaults to rip air out of you as per obstacles…and then burpees just to put the final capstone in place. Fitness ready for anything!


Active strength – i.e using strength in a mobile situation. It’s one thing to utilise muscle strength in static isolation, and another entirely to be able to do it whilst moving in an applicable situation.
The ligaments and tendons in the shoulders are going to love you tomorrow. Farmer’s carry’s are just the best too hey? There is a real fine line between balancing out speed, and being able to actually get some oxygen in.
And to kick it all at the end – THREE abdominal sets back to back. Tasty!
Once again – check it all out on:
It can’t hurt to take a look
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