Strength Vs Speed: Colossus Vs Octane. Both Tough – Both Awesome

This Wednesday at 9am…….Yes yes yes – we have opposing workouts coming to our online folks.  One is a body weight style functional workout called Colossus.  If you like feeling like you’ve had a hell of a workout, then this is going to sort you out with some solid 2nd day soreness.  It’s compatriot is titled Octane and it pushes all the speed buttons like nothing you’ve felt.  Stripping all the oxygen out of you from the word go – you’ve got to try and be as fast as possible whilst balancing oxygen deprivation and ever fatiguing muscle groups as the clock keeps ticking over.  


Functional strength and lots of it. No time cap for this beast, keep rolling until it’s done. Deceptively, it only takes around 30 mins, but it takes constant effort and clever use of rests. Shorter working blocks and very short rests will give you the fastest results here after your initial big burst into each exercise. It’s gonna hurt in all the right ways 


Whoohoo – the saying “Ragged edge of Control”, would be a very applicable one here.
A shorter workout, Octane has an important part of any training regime – the ability to reach your limits, KNOW where it is, and then feather and maintain that push without: A: Stepping too far past and exploding B: Easing up and not achieving optimal results
This is a real challenge for competitive athletes (often being the determining factor between first and second) and is incredibly useful for all fitness levels to understand.
It’s not for long, you can hold on!
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