GRIT Athletic 28 Review (The New Version of Plyo)

We review the latest offering from Les Mills International – in it’s Q1 2019 GRIT ATHLETIC Series 28 release. Looking at it from both Instructor and participant viewpoints – we’ll have a quick chat about each track’s music, moves, feel and challenge. This review was conducted after presenting this new release as a qualified Les Mills Instructor.

All opinions expressed in the review are the author’s own and in no way represent Les Mills International. Images and videos utilised are the copyright of their respective owners as indicated and are used under the creative commons attribution to provide review commentary.

Background Footage sourced from:

Music List for GRIT Athletic 28, courtesy of Simon Philp, can be found here:

Information on BODYATTACK and all things Les Mills can be sourced:

Background Music:
RetroVision – Campfire [NCS Release]

Raven & Kreyn – Bubble [NCS Release]

Raven & Kreyn – Muffin [NCS Release]

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