Weekly Workouts – Sickly Simple & Under The Pump

Coming Out On Wednesday:

We’re going to change things up a little bit this week.  The workouts headed your way, one is for time – the other you can take as long as you wish.
Interested in taking on our workouts?  Check them out at:

Sickly Simple:

Is a quick, in and out functional cardio burner.  We use HIIT equipment to smash the oxygen efficiency and get the calories melting with Assault Bike, Skierg and Rower all combined and back to back.  The back-end of the workout sees you doing a combined ladder move-set involving burpees and push-ups.  This is going to really empty the tank.  You’re coming in with zero oxygen capacity after the cardio section – so be smart with how you attack this.  Slow when you need to, walk your burpees down if required.  Slowing is better than stopping, even slow, you are still moving, still making progress.

Under the Pump:

A strength workout whereby you have to achieve a certain about of kilograms worth of reps per move – the breakdown of how you do that, is up to you.  10,000kg of leg press for example, may be done by 100kg x 100 reps.  Or you may want to do 80kg x 125 reps.  Now the KICKER for this workout….every 4 mins….EVERY 4 mins (the timer never stops), you must pause whatever you’re doing and execute a 25m plate slide on the floor.  Just push a plate 25m along the floor – then recommence from where you were up to.  Executing this move IS PART of the next 4 mins…..grin…it catches up fast.
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