Online Weekly Workouts: Composite Strength/Power & A Super Quick HIIT

Our online squad just got their two workouts!

This week we have two massive calorie burners that use your workout “afterburn” to great effect:


A combination type workout that forces the body to continually adapt between cardiovascular, strength and power activities. Designed to burn an absolute truckload of calories by keeping the body well away from any sort of steady state phase – STRENGTH & POWER can be modified to suit any time schedule. We find four rounds is the optimal balance of time/endurance, but if you only have 20 mins or so – then take on 2 rounds and turn up the speed or weight!


You won’t need a morning coffee once you’ve started this one! Guaranteed to get the adrenaline cranking, ENERGISER is about trying to get continually faster even as you fatigue.

The trick is to play with your speeds, find what you can JUST hold each round – recover with burpees…..hang on….
“What did you just say?”
Yep….. RECOVER with burpees, lol.

And then know you can do the next speed set at slightly faster than what you just did – we’re talking 0.5km increments, maybe 1-2km increments. As you hit the 400 and 200m sections …pacing goes out the window. Drop it dead and just hammer home. Damn it feels good when you’re done! 🔥💪🔥

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