Rapid Strength HIIT & “In & Out” Pressed for Time

Two HIIT style workouts this week – but they’re quite different from one another.

For $3 a week – you get two workouts each and every week.  The security of investment is, if we don’t put the workouts up, you don’t get charged.  With two varied workouts, you have enough material to get you through 3 solid workouts.  Do each once, understand how it works, then do it again and GO HARD.



The longer of the two, this workout utilises rapid arm movements to promote lean strength in combinations of Skierg, battleropes, kettlebells, bar press and abdominals.  It’s one thing to be strong, but another entirely to be strong, lean and light.  Manipulation of weights, manipulation of self – these are two very varied cardiovascular and strength activation’s and you’re going to feel that difference with this one.

“In & Out”

Sometimes you’ve literally only got 20 mins to push out a workout, and often the question becomes “WHAT” are you going to target.  EVERYTHING is our answer, and this workout will that for you.  Set yourself up with all the equipment before you start, and then dont stop moving until you’re done.  You can adjust the set counts if you like, but this one takes around 20 mins if you keep continuous movement rolling through the entire workout……and it will leave you feeling like ALLLLLLL the things have had a solid burn.  Cardio, strength – weights, body….drop it like its hot!
Cheers Crew – Pete
Assume Its Possible
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