Functional Fitness – Two Short Explosive Workouts

We’re going with two shorter workouts this week for the online crew.  One is more weights focussed with some explosive lifts, whilst the other is centralised around body-weight.  Both have short bursts of running in them to break up your working sets.


Utilising strength through weight repetition.  Huge fatigue through the arms with heavy bar-work, your decreasing reps each set are broken up by inserting a quick sprint between to empty out the lungs and push you start again.  There’s going to be rests required here – and if you can get through your sets without having a single rest, your weights are FAR too light.

Low Burn:

A bodyweight styled workout designed to promote additional coordination spatially.  It’s suprising how hard coordinated movements are when the body is under duress. Take your time – make sure of your movements – work on pushing away your threshold limits.  Starting and finishing with a decent mid-distance runs, its a great workout when you’re wanting that WHOLE BODY WORKOUT FEELING
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