Cranking Speed/Power and Loading Legs – Online Workouts

Our workouts this week (released tomorrow at 9am) are quite leg focused – leg strength and leg power/speed.  You might also get some solid cardio in there too 😉 (oh heaven forbid hey – lol)

Workout 1 is titled: “reLoad Up”

A follow-up to last week’s “Load Up”, reLoad is a combination of heavy weights and literal body weight actions designed to promote endurance and fatigue.  We originally designed this simple workout for a client to get their legs ready for a trip to the Austrian Alps where their every day was going to be more up and down than flat.

Workout 2 is : “Crankshaft”

Designed to help train the efficiency of changing from anaerobic (non oxygen) to aerobic oxygen energy systems. Your muscles store around 2 mins of energy in your cells to fire rapidly without additional creation. After that you need to switch over to utilising oxygen which in turn creates lactic acid and just cannot keep up with The demands of the body. Hence why your muscles and limbs get heavy and twitchy.
As we get more efficient, you last longer than 2 mins and you also deal with the change better. And we haven’t even mentioned the mental toughness you gain by pushing past where you really…. Really…. Want to stop.
These two are part of the online squad’s weekly ongoing download series available at:
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