Online Workouts: Train Your Weaknesses – Push Through Mental Challenge

 Coming through at 9:00am Wednesday – our online crew face their new challenges:


There’s always elements of training that we are better at than others.  And truth be told – we tend to favour those elements don’t we?  This is what separates those who truly want to be a more rounded athlete from those who only push their current strengths.  Cardio and strength in multiple shapes and forms – one of these is going to make you struggle….one of these is where you will make your improvements….


BLAM!!! Perseverance pulls no punches and gets us straight back into progression zone.
There are two concepts to this workout. Breakdown what seems like a mammoth task into smaller ones. Even when it looks like I’ve already broken it down, do it again. 1km can be 10x 100m efforts. Or alternate 100m hard, 50m rest. Do something to ensure your mind is engaged and constantly ticking off sections of work.
The second is relativity….How’d the 1000m flat (or on no resistance) feel after the heavy work? Like you were running downhill? It being pushed from behind? Why can’t that be like that all the time? Mindset.
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