Training For High Score and Acceleration Through Fatigue


The two workouts this week have two very different theme flavours about them – though they’re both quite intense in application.


Scoreboard is a series of exercises done for a prescribed time – where you are trying to max out either distance, calories or reps.  Over the course of 7 exercises, you will accumulate points, and you can either compete against friends, or yourself over two attempts.  Max-out workouts can be pretty gross, so we’ve put a fun spin on it.  Its also interesting how having the motivation of friendly “competition” at something puts things into a more tolerable light.  

Sweet Speed:

Going fast and hard on a first attempt is one thing.  Experience and knoweledge go a long way into understanding how moves work, how combinations of actions feel, and what the threshold’s presented are.  So over three rounds, and ever-decreasing repetitions – even though you are fatiguing – can you accelerate your work pace?  Knowing that the reps are less, can you off-set that by moving through them more quickly?  An interesting application.  Let’s try it.
June wk 1 FB Ad - 2019.jpg

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