Weekly Workouts – Paired Strength & Continuous Chain Burn

Hey crew!  Yeah there’s two new beasties coming at you.  One is VERY strength endurance and the other is cardio endurance – there’s a word there giving you the theme for the week.  Sure you can figure it out.  Let’s talk more about them.

Perfect Pairing:

This strength workout puts pairs of exercises that work the same muscle groups together to be completed in large sets.  The first exercise is going to dramatically fatigue the muscles with loading, followed by a secondary exercise designed to utilise stability elements.  This is exceptionally difficult under fatigue…..you’ll see what we mean as soon as you take on the first leg set 🙂  Have fun with that hey. lol.

Chain Link:

A cardio based workout with only 3 moves and only 3 rounds.  How hard can it be?  Well as hard as you want to make it really – but let me extrapolate.  The idea of this workout is to promote recovery through mobility.  The over-riding rule for the workout, is that you DO…NOT…STOP……you can slow down.  You can REALLY slow down.  BUT DONT STOP.  yeah, thats the difficult part, cos the 3 moves are going to make you want to put the brakes on.  Advanced Option:   Try it at MAX PACE….omg….ewwww.
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