Weekly Programs – “Relativity” & “Arm Assassin”

Relativity and Arm Assassin are the options on offer for our patrons this week.  They are VERY different workouts – with Relativity being a very challenging cardio workout based on a treadmill, and arm assassin being a body-weight strength workout targeting…you guessed it…the arms.


As we mentioned, this is a treadmill based workout that plays two mind-battles with you.  There are some phenomenal elevation challenges in this workout, which progressively get harder.  This becomes incredibly tough around the halfway point before the workout starts to ease up on the home stretch.  The second thing is when you’re coming off the elevation portions of the workout, the flat sections feel absolutely amazing.  Literally like you are running downwards through the floor.  There’s some interesting mental gymnastics to be explored here.

Arm Assassin:

This is a workout that will leave you struggling to balance a full cup of coffee for sure.  Heaps of people often ask us how to progress their upper body strength and control.  Surprisingly, using heavy weights is probably the least effective method.  Using your own body weight is a much better strategy, particulary for ensuring all around control and stability understanding.  Enter the Arm Assassin.  Combinations of various pull-ups, dips and holds.  You can break the sets up as much as you like, but you must complete each exercise before moving onto the next one…..enjoy 🙂
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