Weekly Workouts – Beast Mode & Chilli Peppers

Wednesday Approaches!  Which means new workouts for the online crew!
Let’s see the contrast that we’re presenting this week hey? Keeping your fitness regime interesting is incredibly important, so the two workouts are absolutely worlds apart.  One is long and HEAVY….the other uses no external weights and is all about SPPEEEEDDD.


The brute workout first.  Utilising a lot of actions common to crossfit, with bar squats, pistols and walking overhead dumbbell lunges – Beast mode tests your pure strength capacity whilst remaining mobile.  Not an easy task – particularly as some of the most challenging sections are towards the end.  Concentration on the task is required.  Understanding what is being asked of the body….rest when you need to, but only until you can kick back in and continue the charge.


Chilli Peppers:

ZIIIINNNGGGG……one that is all about pure speed.  Using Skierg, Assault Bikes and regular exercise bikes, this workout challenges muscle adaption straight out of the gate, and then moves into oxygen burn, before returning to muscle adaption right at the end.  Legs, arms, torso all get a nice kick in the butt.  One that you can easily turn into a multiple round program, its adaptable to all fitness levels.  The fastest we’ve seen it done in so far is 9 mins.  If you don’t have some of these pieces of equipment, sub skierg for the rower, the assault bike for a normal exercise bike at 50% total resistance.
Why not give our workouts a try?
It’s so cheap you wont even notice the difference.
Enjoy gang – We really enjoyed the “Chilli Peppers” one this week and have done it a quite a few times now.
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