All Leg Press & All Assault Bike Workouts

One Move Wonders.  

These two workouts utilise one piece of equipment each.  But hot diggity, it’s the way we use that one machine that makes all the difference.  Specific and focused training

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This melter only uses the leg press machine, but alternate positions to change up the primary activator muscle group.  Some of our crew have been asking for a real leg smashing for a while now and this is going to do it for you.  Weight ranges are to be set so that the specified rep range can achieved with difficulty, but safely.  Whenever you do exercises to fatigue or with heavy weights – be safe.  It’s just not worth taking the risk on an injury.

Assault Mayhem:

Cos Assault Bikes aren’t hard enough already are they?  We’re bringing the traditional pyramid style workout to the assault platform.  Ever changing sets of work followed by ever changing rest sequences.  Options to complete the pyramid from one side or, essentially doing the workout twice.  Oh yes please 😉  We don’t need to remind you how much this thing steals the oxygen out of your body.  Sounds fab hey.

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