3128 Push-Ups In 3 Hours For Charity – Youth Mental Health


“The Push-Up Challenge is raising money to support headspace, National Youth Mental Health Organisation.

An organisation working to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians.

The Push-Up Challenge started in 2018 and aims to raise awareness of mental health in Australia. This year, The Push-Up Challenge highlights the devastating number of Australian lives lost to suicide in 2017.


3,128 push-ups for 3,128 lives lost to suicide”

This challenge is supposed to run from the 8th July through to the 28th July – and for the majority of my team “Ezyfit” – this will be the case.  In an effort to put a little bit of a different spin on it, I decided to do every single push-up in one (1) day.  After doing some quick math, and seeing it would take a LEAST 2 hours if I could maintain 24 odd push-ups every single minute, with no breaks….we committed!

Pete – aka: Psycho Push-up Person


We are super pleased to say that all 3128 push-ups were achieved in 3 hrs and 1 min, and every single one of them was on toes.  And it hurts today.  Lol. There definitely some stiffness starting to kick in.

You can see the summary of our journey with the video check-ins all spliced together below:

My personal sponsor page is:



Thank You To Our Donators:

As of the time of writing – thank you so very much to all of our donators who’ve helped raise $480 in our little corner for this cause.

Wayne, Paul and Lara, Rachael C, Maria, Mat, Katrin, Alex, Joey and Adam, Suzanne, Joanna, Fiona, Nat, Gemma, Katheryn, Yulia, Jenny, Mal, Simone, Toni, Rach W, Mandy and Kev, Sue, Jodi, Lydia, Trevor.

You guys are fantastic – so much appreciation and love to you all – and to anyone who donates post this going live…..though now that I’ve done my own push-ups, it’s time to support the rest of the Ezyfit Team who’s link can see here:




You can’t help every cause – but when you can, its a wonderful thing to be able to do.

Cheers – Pete.

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