Coming Back From Time Off – and Strength/Cardio Composite

Wednesday Morning – The new workouts drop for the online squads. Feel like you might be interested?
We tend to focus on tougher workouts if I’m honest.  Doable by anyone, but mentally challenging in that they ask you to push hard.
What if you’ve had some time off?  Well we’ve got a workout to help ease you back in.  You won’t be too sore afterwards, it will start to push some range of motion and get the heartrate going high as well.  Perfect.  “Intro Workout” is your welcome back to the game.
To keep our regulars going – we’ve got the “24min O2 Burn” ready to rumble.  A combination of focused strength and cardio together, its a perfect in and out hard push.  The best bit about this workout?  You can substitute specific muscle exercises in and out very easily and also swap your chosen cardio as well?  Need to push for some running fitness? Do that! Want to melt yourself on the Assault Bike?  Can do that too!
Jul wk 2 FB Ad - 2019.jpg

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