Strategic Post-Event Recovery and Strengthening

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How Do We Recover?

We put up lots of programs designed to promote ways to get better at events.  Workouts to let you assess how your air consumption is, where your explosive power is at, how your endurance functions under oxygen deficit…..but what about after the event?  
This is a complicated question but we can start with a couple of basics. We obviously want to allow enough rest – but there are some other things we can do like:
– Stretching to promote the lengthening and recovery of muscles, tendons, ligaments
– Stability work to maintain our focus and to gently re-engage muscle groups, flush them out, without over extending them
– Light cardio to promote increased blood flow around fatigued muscle groups and to remove exercise by-products
We’ll tackle the first two off this week with:

General Stretching:

The program that we give to our event training group.  We encourage the use of this stretching sequence after EVERY single workout.  It’s fabulous on it’s own, or with a workout, and the flexibility increases you can achieve with it are very effective.  It’s primarily focused on the legs and is very quick to do once you have committed it to memory – less than 10 mins.

Balance Pressure:

After a big event, the body often doesn’t feel like a workout – and it’s not adviseable to do a heavy one whilst you’re in recovery.  That said, it can be hard to totally switch off – so we’ve got a workout that focuses on static strength in conjuction with some balance activation.  You’ll sweat, work on some co-ordination and help promote blood flow through the body.  Let’s get you back up to speed and ready to roll again!
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