How To Start Being A Runner – And Keeping It Interesting

 “I’m not a runner!!”

I hear this almost daily.  You know what? NO-ONE is a natural runner.  It’s a learned skill. Some of us learn it as children, endurance running and building up the tolerance to the impact – some of us dont.  Even if we have, if you dont use it for a while, then you need to build it back up.  It takes time… anything else. 

A lot of us are just being introduced to running and like anything, when you first start….its a tough gig. It mechanically feels awkward, breathing and cardio is tough, and its not fun. After about 5-6 runs you start to get mechanically better and the process towards enjoying it begins.
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Get Started

I’ve included here, my suggestion to build up to a 5km run over 8 weeks in such a way that you will enjoy it in small steps. The key is to take your time. You COULD just try and bang out 5km, but your joints and muscles will HATE you. You’re not just training your fitness, but your joint and bone endurance. That takes much longer than cardio – it can’t be sped up, so take the time and build it properly. 

Keep It Fresh

Once you’re up and able to maintain a steady 5km – there’s also a training treadmill session to keep it interesting.  For goodness sake dont just get on a treadmill and run.  People say treadmill running is boring….if you just get on and run…..hell yes – it IS boring.  Here’s a training ladder to help you build your endurance, recovery whilst still moving and overall speed.  Makes you think the whole workout = interesting.
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