Smash It Anywhere HIIT & Quick TRX Strength

Wednesday 9am – the online crew get their new programs….and we think you’ll like the contrast between these two workouts this week.
Why not head over to our platform and have a look at some of the free examples?
Feeling pushed for time?  Still want to have that solid workout feeling?  We got you covered – and there aren’t any high IMPACT moves in these workouts either.  One is a take it anywhere, no equipment required functional body-weight style program – done for time.  The other is a controlled core and back strengthening focus utilising the TRX Straps.


Using a series of moves to encompass upper body, lower body and cardio-respiratory factors – the BURNER HIIT gets you punching this sequence out over multiple rounds for your best time.  Even if you’re not timing yourself, trying to do this sequence quickly is going to have your body temperature and breathing SOARING in seconds.

“Quick TRX Strength”

A TRX straps based exercise set – we bring is the concept of STABILITY THROUGH MOBILITY for these movements.  Quite challenging if we’re honest.  You need to move slowly and with purpose. Anyone can just throw their bodyweight around with momentum, but fighting gravity with a slow, controlled movement?  That’s where you build your fine motor activation.
Hope you enjoy team.
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