500 Rep Strength and the Quartermile Burpee Challenge

Two workouts from our signature training crew this week for the online guys.  These workouts have been taken on recently by our “TRITAN” group and we are very satisfied with the challenge they present.  Able to be done by any level with the right options, and it brings on some pretty unique workout bragging rights 🙂
A super simple workout – but omg wow does that hit you right in the feels!!!! Long Jumps (known as broad jumps) combined with burpees – each action takes about 2% out of the current tank of fuel. By the time you’re getting to lap 9 – that heavy breathing and sweat is turned right up….but its amazing as you start to get closer to the goal, as the end actually becomes a reality, how you get motivation back!
This is quite important to keep in mind. For long events, or even short ones with tough sections like this one, focus on the current task at hand. Break the sections down and don’t look at as “I have THIS far to go”….that doesn’t help anything. Better is to say to yourself “ok, 5 laps down, lets kick another 2 off.” Focus on them. To let yourself get swept away is counter-productive to your cause. Rather, ride the wave of many small successes.
Sochvatlh….Klingon for “700”…. Thank you Big Bang Theory 😉
A pure mental smasher. No pretty trappings. Tactical decision making is required in two forms: 1- what order will you do the moves? Different for all of us, based on our individual strengths and preferences. That said, there are certainly some Less than optimal methods…i.e don’t do several arm based moves all on a row 😉 2- how will you break your reps up? It seems logical to go as many as you can every time. This is the least efficient way I can assure you. You want short reps followed by short rests, at a high cycle rate. Long rep counts means longer rests, which plays on your mind every time. Short reps with short rests is far faster in the long run and mentally much much easier.
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