You may have seen, and indeed been part of the fires that affected the O’Reilly’s region of the Gold Coast Hinterland.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected to be sure in such tough times.  Of a lesser note – there was the scheduled Gold Coast SPARTAN RACE due to take place that same weekend 7th Sep.  With the race postponed (but now rescheduled) the Assume Its Possible Crew (called “TRITAN”) decided to still put the weeks and months of training to good use by hosting a TRITAN RACE with all three distances (7km, 14km, 21km).



How Would You Even Simulate It?

Good question – there is only so much treadmill running one can do before you go insane.  However, there are factors like elevation (Spartan isn’t a flat course) and obstacles to consider.  We implemented any elevated running on the treadmills and incorporated distances between obstacles that aren’t dissimilar to the Spartan event.  The obstacles were copied for some of the more notable ones like the “Spear Throw” and “Farmers Carry”, others were newly devised to make the race a unique event for us.  Things like Assault Bike charges and Skierg sets were also thrown into the mix.  The penalities for missing technical obstacles were kept at 30 chest to floor burpees – after all, we’d been training for that – wouldn’t want to miss out now would we?  The 7km Event was totally contained within our Host Gym Facility – EZYFIT HEALTH & FITNESS CLUB, whilst the 14km and 21km had sections that ran a 5km loop around a nearby water body, quite a lovely run actually.   You can see and download a full set of our obstacles, sequences and layouts below.

How Hard Was It?

Having completed a number of Spartan Races – and having podium-ed in all of them – these three distances, with the layouts and obstacles as they are….were right on par with how hard a Spartan Race feels in my opinion.  Of course, the two are quite different with things like swims, weather conditions, and obstacles all being different – but in terms of energy expenditure and body physicality, I came out of all three distances feeling like I did at the end of competitive Spartan.  From a Coaches perspective, this is an invaluable training tool in preparing your athletes for such events, to provide perspective, nutrition and hydration experience.  The 21km in particular was very good at planning out energy gel and hydration intake – and understanding the body when it started sending the signals.

How’d Everyone Go?

Incredibly well.  As friend to each and every one of the amazing people who did it – I was honoured to race with, and support them all.  As a Coach – watching people take on distances they had never even run before, let alone with obstacles….take on elements, burpees and challenges that pushed them mentally…..I could not have been prouder.  Every single person finished – the fastest 7km section was approx 55min, the fastest 14km around 2 hrs and the final 21km hit the 3hrs 2min mark for the fastest time. 

To have it based out of our home gym – to have a bbq cook up and drinks afterwards – made the entire episode an epic social affair.  And at the end of the day – that’s what these such events are about aren’t they?  There is the competitive side to it, for sure, but there would be no competition without other people.  There would be no event.  This was our event – our TRITAN RACE and it…was….sweet.

Can’t wait to do another one towards the end of the year.

Thanks for such a great race A.I.P TRITAN Squad.

Cheers – Pete.

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