Free Workouts This Week – Are you Brave Enough to Face Yourself?

Yes Friends – this week the workouts are free.  We thought you might like that and we’ve not skimped out on them either, grin – these are mental testers through and through.  One is VERY short – the other LONG.  The name of the game is all about tricking your mind – the requirements for each workout are very simple, there is nothing complicated in the slightest.  But can you get your mind prepared to do what’s necessary?  Willpower.  Bravery.  Just do what you can – IT. IS. ENOUGH… can ask you to give more than you are able to.  So be brave.  Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the presence of it, and yet the will to carry on.  One of my favourite quotes.
You can download and save both workouts from the images below.
Check out the programs we have each week in more detail (for $3 a week) over at:


Love it. I think it’s literally the shortest active workout I’ve ever created, and yet, one of the most efficient calorie burners. Most of us will burn between 300-350 calories for the total 12 active minutes. Yep, you’re working for only 12 mins and that’s the burn….not even factoring in the post exercise metabolic burn. Man I love solid sessions. Ever increasing oxygen requirements. Ever changing muscle engagement from faster action to slower power and through to strength. We go from easier efforts to harder efforts to train our minds. Could we have done it the other way around? Yes… Yes we could have….but that wouldn’t have taught the mind anything would it? 


Our big bad – though it comes in 3 flavours.  A set of endurance Assault Bike. A set of endurance Skierg.  And a Run.
See these two machines get a name for being spew machines, and that name is well deserved make no mistake…..however – they are also VERY usable over endurance periods, you just need to back down to the point at which you are not burning more oxygen than you can replace.  Herein lies the mental aspect – once you find that point, can you then persevere and have the patience to complete the calorie counts as described.  Have some music, have a podcast, have a mate – and stand tall when you tick these boxes off.  You will be surprised at how quickly you actually do it! The first option in particular should be 30mins or less.  The BIG DADDY?  Well, we’ve done it in 1hr 29mins.  
Are you game?

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