Weekend Workouts!

So we’ve got two weekend workouts for you. One for you and a friend or partner, cos kicking ass together is the best (and walking on wobbly legs is funnier together) – and a workout for when you’re just not sure what you want to focus on.

Dead Leg Partner Power:

As the name implies this workout is all about smashing the hell out of the ol’ legs. But not just heavy lifts. In addition to the heavy trap bar, we’ve got sprint work and controlled lunges riiiigghhhhttt at the end, y’know when that kind of stuff is challenging as all hell – cos that’s how we roll 😉

Lil’ Everything:

You know you should have a workout, but just not feeling the regular class or session. Not sure what you ACTUALLY feel like doing? Why not just dona little bit of everything? Sometimes just getting to the gym is the mission and you just want a workout that ticks all the boxes. That’s this one. Short steady state cardio, some strength, some abs, some speed and a final short kicker to get you feeling good about your session. Sometimes you just need that workout to say you’ve had one. We get it.

Got a Thought?

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