Free Weekly Workouts December 16th

Let’s train for some events this week shall we – and maybe get you onto some machines that you aren’t all that familiar with!


This workout is all about continuous climbing.  A leg sculptor through and through.  The idea behind this workout is that speed is irrelevant, and continuous push is the key.  If you can get through the entire workout without stopping, but by managing your speed, then you’ve done it correctly!  Its going to be one incredible leg burn though – we assure you that!

Ever Upwards.png

Cooli Gold!

Maybe you’re familiar with the huge event that is the Coolangatta Gold, maybe you aren’t.  For those who are not – here is the Surf Life Saving event in its long course form.

Ski 23km

Run 2.1km

Swim 3.5km

Board 6.1km

Run 7.1km


Just digest that for a little bit – there’s a LOT going on here.  Now we train a few people for this event from a cardio perspective and this event is VERY weather dependent with regard to training.  Horrible outdoor weather means training for these specific elements is usually cancelled.  However – this workout allows our athletes to train the right muscle groups, and practice their speed and endurance whilst still being inside!  One we programmed last year and found it to be immensely useful – we hope you enjoy it, we’ve provided 3 different levels to play around with depending on how much time you have.

Cooli Gold (1).png

As always – train hard, train smart, train safe.

Cheers Gang – Pete.

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