Body Weight Training – Can It Be Effective? Oh Yes Oh Yes Oh Yes

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So let’s get real.  There’s doing weights and there’s doing cardio.  BUT – one of the most effective, and also one of the most difficult, methods for executing these things – is going it with your own body weight.
Body Weight Training, Calisthenics and Functional training all utilise this mechanic in this week’s training set.
Strength this week is all about pre-warming the body and getting into the muscle work already sweating.  You’ll find you fire off and push harder when you’re already in your peak working zone.   Sounds obvious, is obvious – is rarely done correctly. 
Cardio is another story.  This bad boy starts hard, stays hard and finishes hard.  Now you can make this as high, or low impact as you like.  It works for all fitness types – you put yourself into a WORK zone relative for YOU.  
Enjoy – Push yourself, be proud 🙂 
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A.I.P Podcast EP 3: Motivation (it’s not what we all think it is)


Episode 3 of the Assume Its Possible Podcast. Motivation – it something so many people struggle with. But are we actually struggling with “motivation” or is it something more. We discuss the modern insta-gratification world we live in and how it can skew our vision of what motivation and success for the self (with regards to fitness) really is. We go into how you help rebuild your motivation and have some great external resources here for you.

Our 10 Day Habit Restart Free Ebook can be grabbed here:…

The BBC Johnny Browlee motivation triathlon clip:…

TED’s Dan Pinks Talk:

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Aug Workouts – Intro to Treadmills & Put Your Functionality to the Test

Let’s talk about the workouts this week.
Treadmill running – yep, if you just set and forget the treadmill speed and run for 20 mins it is boring as all hell.  When we hear people say that they find treadmill running boring, this is normally why, and its SO EASILY fixed.  The treadmill is a tool that has so many options – so USE THEM.  This week, we’re giving you an introduction to speed variation workouts on the treadmill over a 20 minute period.  The workout feels shorter because of the intervals, its more effective because it keeps your metabolism changing up and it’s interesting as you need to keep thinking about the next change.  With options for new starters, right up to advanced runners, this is a great kick into a quick cardio hitout.
The second workout is designed to give your functional fitness an all-around test.  We call it Inverse Working.  With runs that decrease in distance over time, and functional strength moves that increase over time – it’s going to push your oxygen management and fatigue levels.  Let’s see what you’ve got.
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Muddy Rumble – The Event For Everyone

So you may have seen the Muddy Rumble Brisbane video go up on our social media channels – we just wanted to talk you guys about why you should definitely give this obstacle type course (and other like it, a go).


Check out the 1-min short version of our run:


It’s a Welcoming Challenge:

If you’ve never done such an event, here’s the elevator pitch.  The Muddy Rumble is an 8km outdoor traverse that has obstacles spaced throughout.  Now before you immediately back away here’s a couple of sum-ups:

  • You can go ANY pace.  The event is very specifically NOT a race. You wanna walk 8km?  Hell yeah.  Want to jog or run it?  Absolutely.
  • The obstacles are incredibly fun.  From bouncy ball races, to huge inflateable slides and climbs.  Every obstacle is achievable, and if you so desire, every obstacle can be skipped.
  • There are team members of the event at every obstacle.  They provide a great overwatch to make sure people are doing what they should be, and to help and guide as well.
  • Dress up is encouraged! Grab a squad of friends and theme it up! We went as super heroes, which ended up being 4 batmen, a superman and wonder-woman.
  • We had to run a maximum of 500m between obstacles….my opinion of the Brisbane one would be that there was an average of 200-300m between obstacles…which isnt much and means you don’t get bored.


How hard is it?

Lots of variety of obstacles means that most people will find enough of a challenge somewhere.  Never done anything before? Well there might be a couple of obstacles that prove to be difficult, like the wall climb.  That said, there are volunteers everywhere who are more than willing to help out, as well as other participants.  The comraderie on the day is excellent with everyone having a blast and giving each other a hand.  If you’re SUPER fit, you can certainly make the obstacles more challenging for yourself – take your feet away for example on wall traverses, or long jump on inflateable balls to REALLY test the balance out.

For a run down on every obstacle at the Brisbane Event – here is the 8 min video of our team.



Well it varies depending on how early you get in.  We booked it months in advance and it was around $75.  We made a half day out of the whole thing, road tripping down from the Sunshine Coast with our crew, doing the course and then heading back – i’d count it as quality money spent.  The memories and enjoyment with good people makes it totally worthwhile.  If you were to wait last minute, the tickets were around $85 from memory, so not a drastic increase.


So if you looking to dip the toe in some fun run adventure stuff – look into this, and similar events for sure.  Some have more running, some have more obstacles, some are easier or harder than others.  There are quite a lot of choices to look out for, with just some being:

  • Muddy Rumble
  • Mud Run
  • Miss Muddy
  • Tough Mudder
  • Spartan
  • Colour Run
  • Colour Movement

What’s your next one going to be?

Cheers Crew,


Motivation, Asskick, Sleep – It’s a careful balance

My ankles a bit sore, legs are a bit stiff and its bloody fantastic.  I’ve just popped a 22.5km run this morning off the back of feeling absolutely MEH and…..bouncing back from burning out and sleeping for 90% of Sunday.  Let’s put things into order.


Start with Motivation:

Motivation is such a fickle thing.  Just listening to the right song can inspire a sudden surge of “HELL YEAH!!” – and other times, we just feel like rolling over and sleeping for ever.  Relying on motivation, as an athlete, is folly.  Motivation, like any mindset, is something that can be trained as a habit.  With practice and forced implementation – you can feel motivated about whatever you do most of the time.  There will always be days though, where the mojo just does doesn’t work on its own – and thou must then take the workout into thine own hands.

Turn the Frown Upside Down – From NOT wanting to start – To hell happy at finish

I’ll come back to why I wasnt particularly feeling it this morning – but FLAT is an APT description of the state of mind and body.  A couple of clients early this morning, and I had packed the runners, earphones and hydration pack, telling myself I would run home.  Options were – 12.5km home straight, or around the Coast for a 22.5km run.  See now the thing is – the more you think about particular options and why they aren’t good for the state of mind, the more you will that into being.  Knowing yourself here is a huge advantage – I’m a huge sucker for talking myself into lesser workout options, still workouts for sure, but justifiably easier.  So today – morning work complete, it was a matter of:

  • Grab the backpack
  • Put the Earphones in
  • Start running
  • Figure the rest out later


So Starteth The Asskick

First km rolled past – and i’m already thinking about the arrival home…No Pete, just turn the legs, breathe man, feel the wind, see the world.  2nd km rolls past and the body is sinking into a nice repetition of mechanical movement now.  Its starting to feel good.  Kilometers three and four roll past, the podcast i’m listening to is really interesting (IGN’s “Gamescoop” – nerd satisfaction ++) – now i’m feeling good.  And just like that, 10-15mins and the whole day has turned around.  It’s overcast, a nothing day really, and i’m loving it.  There’s people out and about, that dog over there is having just the BEST time chasing another friendly pooch, that small child is COVERED in sand – i’m part of the world and cleansing the mind.

Moffat Beach – Always an amazing view, whatever the weather

The point i’m making here, is that the motivation to continue the workout was being created DURING the intial starting phase.  The HARDEST part of any workout – is starting.  Once you’re in and moving, it’s so much easier to just keep on keeping on, and more than that, as the 10km mark cruised by, I was now proud of myself for commiting and executing.  This is storing up motivation for the next workout, It’s turning a motivational deficit into a surplus.  Short version of this story summed up, I got home after 22.5km, yep – took the long way on the coast – and felt amazing for having achieved this.  Im ready to kick more ass tomorrow knowing that the hard yards today have already been ticked off.

Sleep and Burnout:

So this motivational conundrum was a result of me burning the candle at both ends in a big way and running myself into the dirt.  I’m a massive advocate of two things:

1 – Stretching and Flexibility is the most under-rated aspect of 99% of people’s workout regimes

2 – Sleep is the best natural motivator for anyone doing anything

I also SUCK at that second point.  The nature of working for one’s self, means that you need to be constantly innovating and evolving to suit market needs and to attract new clients.  The day is comprised of servicing client programs, executing those tranining sessions, training myself, planning and communicating with external parties and THEN, at the end of it all, late at night, do I have time to develop new ideas, to update and run my website and to be proactive with new services.  I steady 6hrs of sleep is usually my norm – and i’m going to be absolutely honest, it’s enough to function the next day adequately, but it saps away from the overall storage by about 5%.  With a usual dose of 2 hrs of exercise EVERY day in some form – this 5% adds up in a continuous cycle.  Each day, you come back 5% less – 95%, then 5% of that = 90.25%.  Over and over.  The rate of decay is slow enough that you don’t realise how tired you actually get until – like what happened to me on Sunday – The body just decided that enough was enough.

Burnout Sucks – Big Time

I got up with every intention of running that morning and just felt terrible – 5am is not an early start, but after going back to bed – I solidly woke again at 3pm.  Spent a couple of hours with my partner getting out and about, 7pm a massive headache had kicked in and was back and asleep again by 8pm.

This is far from an ideal scenario – and it happens to so many people.  We accept the tired state as a normal state of affairs – It absolutely does NOT need to be this way.  It becomes a matter of, What will be sacrificed in order for you to get enough sleep?  Not just “enough”, but enough to start adding BACK INTO the storage pool.  Seriously, a solid sleep, with good food and hydration, turns you into a new person.  Imagine what you could achieve, waking up like that every day!!!

A Summation of Musings Had:

This post has more been an effective method for me to break down how i’ve been feeling the last few days.  The ability for one (all of us) to turn innate run-down mindset into a super positive proactive charge is amazing.  Usually, the limiting factor on how hard this is (aside from serious impacts in life), usually sleep.  I sit here now, bottle of water to the right, coffee on the left – and i feel SO GOOD.

Finishing things off

Exercise has been done, goals have been ticked off with the training regime, and it’s all come flipside from sitting in this exact chair less than 12 hours ago and feeling like ass.  Take heart my friends, when you feel the lack of motivation, sometimes its going to be on you just to START and to generate some juju just by turning up and doing “something”.  That next workout might have nothing to do with the fitness, and everything with turning your week the right way up.

Do it for you – for fitness, for mentality, for an asskicker week.

Yours in random musings.