Our Post-Christmas Workouts Are HERE

Strapped for the that last little Christmas Idea?
Subscribe your family member to our weekly workouts for $3 a week.  As long, or as short as you like – we post every single week, 2 workouts to keep your gym routine interesting.  They come out every Wednesday at 9am AEST.  If we forget (and we don’t) – then you dont get charged for work we didnt do.
I was struggling with what I what I wanted to name these two workouts.  I went with how they made me feel – but more what they reminded me of.  Had a really naughty Christmas and need to really just burn EVERYTHING? Cool. Maybe you’re still feeling the effects of the Christmas Cheer and just want a really short sharp hit to make you feel good again? No Problem.
One long, one short – both great.
Let’s talk the LONG workout first.  The morning we did “Hot Cocoa”, it was breezy outside and a bit cool – the internal body temp that this workout gave, made me think of the same feeling when you smash down a hot cocoa on a winters night. Straight into warm-up mode.
Ok, now the short one.  “Burden” is all about showing how easy something can be  – and then of course making it HEAPS harder (continuously), before moving onto the next move and repeating!  Challenge is how we get batter folks.  By continuing to train the same, expect the same results.  By raising the bar – or changing the bar completely – then….THEN we start making progress
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This Week’s Online Squad Workouts

Coming out Wednesday at 9:00am

When Was The Last Time You Skipped?

Yep – we have two workouts for you this week.  Not one workout and a supplementary program – TWO workouts.
The first is a cardio specific workout, based around running for moderate distances and then interrupting the rhythm with functional strength that requires significant oxygen consumption.  With multiple rounds involved – how efficient can you be with re-establishing your breathing patterns?
The second workout is based around skipping! A fabulous workout mechanic, it burns a STACK of calories very quickly.  Besides, we’re guessing you guys haven’t skipped for a while, so it should be worth a giggle or two to boot.
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Motivate Your Fitness Goals – By Motivating Other People’s :)

Ah 2017….another year rolls by, or rather, if you believe the hype and posts on facebook – another year has massacred a whole host of famous people.  No more of that ok? 

Let’s talk all y’all fitness resolutions that probably are looking a mite shaky already…or maybe haven’t started yet?  *Wink.  In my opinion, simply having a resolution, means absolutely nothing.  The word “resolution” has lost meaning, so instead let us converse on what you want to achieve meaningfully in a fitness perspective this year.

Step 1:  To be motivated – thou must actually have a goal

So what’s it going to be this year?  I’ve heard some fantastic ones so far.

“I’m going to do my first Noosa Triathlon”smart

“Im doing the Gold Coast Half Marathon”

You know why these are great goals?  They’re SMART goals.  Specific-Measurable-Agreed-Realistic-Timebased.  You know what you are training for.  You can measure your running training by distance and speed increase over time.  You have agreed this with someone else.  They’re realistic – taking on an IRONMAN out of the blue would smack of insincerity (#bullsh*t)…..and they’re time-based….these are set events that occur on a date, you gotta get your training in gear Friends!

Step 2:  To be motivated – MOTIVATE SOMEONE ELSE

Now going solo is admirable and quite doable, but let’s be honest, how

bike ride.jpg
Getting out on the pushies for an hour or two – definitely counts as exercise

much easier is training with a buddy.  People will look each other in the eye and say “let’s be each others motivation!!”….and then agree to hit coffee club.  Nope – you need to be championing other people’s motivations and aspirations, not just one person, but subtley support everyone you can.  Why you say?  Because it fosters an innate positivity that not only reflects on you in other people’s determined eyes, but then makes you accountable to make sure you’re reaching for your own raised podium.  Please – i’m not talking about swinging flags and chanting “GO GARY GO”, you guys know exactly what I mean.

Step 3:  For God’s sake give yourself a pat on the back hey!

I mean this metaphorically – and LITERALLY.  When you do a training session, anything, let yourself know that you did well.  Take 10 seconds to actually think about what you have done and think “awesome, so how can I adapt that next time to make it bette

You “could” do it this way i suppose?

r?”  It’s so easy to beat up on yourself – WHYYYY?  What are you helping?  No, you make a mistake, or you dont’t train, then learn….and be better next time.  

HANG ON – you said “literally?”  Grin. I did, didn’t I?

 So, occasionally the message needs to be reinforced.  I will literally pat my own back after a BIG session – no wait, listen – the emotional drive home that this creates, as well as the fact it takes about 3 seconds to do, and you are focused on the action – means you HAVE to think about what you’ve done.   And then slyly smile at the silliness of it all.  Seriously – i cannot recommend this enough.

And HEY!!! Be prepared for your workouts yes?  Get all your gear set before you NEED to be leaving.

That’s enough for now.  Ask your gym/training buddies what they want this year.  Have they even thought about it?  This is the year where we do it together, as a team….we got this!

Assume It’s Possible.

Cheers Team – Pete.

Rise Up the New Ideas! – New Intellectual Property Should Be Celebrated, Supported

No Mans Sky.png

No Man’s Sky is coming out for Playstation tomorrow and I’m super excited for it (digital download already set and ready to crank).  Not just because it actually looks incredibly well thought out and a tonne of fun, but because it’s NEW.  It’s something different and not just a “Game/Movie Title – The 2nd coming” etc.  I think it’s time we gave new concepts and ideas a go and judged them on the merit of their own worthiness.  FYI – if you haven’t heard of No Man’s Sky, go check it out here – the scope of what this game is achieving through mathematical algorithms is mind-boggling.


The growing trend with anything new is to immediately criticise and compare it to something that already exists.  Take the new Suicide Squad movie for example.  Despite the fact it’s blown the box-office takings out of the water, the “critics” are slamming it for it’s story telling and synergy. Ladies and Gents please……. we need to examine WHY we’re going to watch a movie like this, for the cinematic story telling devices used?  Hell no.  To see our loved anti-heroes band together to cause mayhem and chaos in a hilarious manner? Damn straight.  The context of WHY something was created makes all the difference in how we should perceive it.  If a critic has gone and smashed this movie because they wanted the next “Titanic” level emotional rollercoaster, then that’s more suicide squad.pnga judgement error than anything.  And this is why independent developers of goods, software, pretty much anything are so scared of reaching out too far from established acceptances.  This is why I’m so excited for No Man’s Sky.  It’s so different from anything else.  It’s trying new things, its doing old things in entirely new ways and it absolutely is marketing that fact.  Sure, it’s going to get some of them wrong, but its definitely going to get some of them right!


Support for new Intellectual Property also spawns a legion of offshoot technologies, peripherals, ideas and add-ons.  Look at what the re-imagining of the iPod did.  Turning that to touch spawned the iPhone, leading to iPad, to iWatch and every other imaginable Apple THING.  It’s awesome.  It opens new industries, conceptual spaces and it gives people freedom of expression.  I apple.jpgthink what I’m trying to get across, is that we as a collective need to be supportive of ideas and creations based upon the merit of the idea itself.  They’re not all going to work, they’re not all going to be great, but they’re all steps towards something that is.  The ability to create, to subjectively think and to bring forth new concepts is one of our greatest strengths.


Now I’m going to go and check the time remaining on “No Man’s Sky” before I can attempt to get to the centre of the universe.

Why Failing at First is Great! I’m Serious :)

Failing is good! Yup…..*Grin*….I’m going to start this post with that statement.  There is such a negative connotation with the word “fail” that I believe is completely unjustified.  Failing just means the opposite of achieving.  To me, failing is synonymous with “learning”.  My little article today is going to be about why failing at something is such a great tool for us in life, not only for encouraging new approaches and thinking, but in helping us to emotionally grow as well.

Hard Work Blvd

We are Designed to Fail (and succeed afterwards!)

Failure, very simply, is: “An act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success: ” Taken straight out of Dictionary.com (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/failure)

Why is that a negative thing I ask you?  Not one person in the history of all time has succeeded at everything they tried first time.  You’d have to be omniscient, because this is the primary method through which we learn and it’s most obvious when we are children.  When we learn to walk, it’s a combination of building muscle strength, learning how to utilise all those muscles in unique combinations and a desire to not fall over anymore ‘cos it probably starts to hurt 🙂 This very simple example can be applied across nearly any activity that we’ve done in our lives. study

  • – Tying your shoelaces
  • – Learning algebra
  • – Learning to play any sport
  • – Speaking another language
  • – Typing on the keyboard to make this post

This is what forms the foundation of “practice makes perfect”.  Why would we practice if we could already do it?  I absolutely wish I could nail a 3-point basketball shot every single time….I’m very average at basketball, but it’s still fun (which is a point I’m going to make later).


How it Influences our Growth

Our modern lifestyles tend to disregard the afore-mentioned small actions, when in reality they are some of the biggest attainments we need in life.  If you never learnt to walk, well that would make things difficult – so it was worth the 1000 odd hours it took right?  And the hundreds of time you fell over trying?  How much do you appreciate the ability to walk now?  To run?  So in adult life, when we want to achieve something significant, why are we afraid to fall?  There are things that people won’t even try because they fear failing.  There is absolutely nothing to fear by failing and so much to gain.


Through putting significant time into a difficult task – we learn to appreciate the final outcome.  If it requires attempt after attempt, we learn humility.  The effort level teaches us respect for the final outcome and appreciation for the challenge that is.  If something (anything for that matter) is earned, how much more do you respect it?

Slack-lining Over a Pool


Lateral Thinking:

When we attempt something and don’t achieve it, we’re forced to think about why.  Did we simply not do something correctly, are we lacking some skill that is required?  Or are we approaching the challenge in the wrong way?

In all honesty, this is the reason that humanity is the dominant species on the planet. Not because we are physically adept, but because of our adaptability.  We have failed so many times through History, and our continued existence is proof of our ability to learn and subsequently succeed.  We have many more hurdles to overcome, and thus we must continue to try and fail until we find a way to succeed.


The Frown IS a Smile

Friends – let us not see failure as a negative.  Failure is a means for positive growth.  Failure is an opportunity to rethink, to try again.  Failure is how we as people grow.  So the next time that you want to try something, but fear failure…..have no fear – for through failing do we learn the pathway to success.


Pete Jump
GOING to get this…..


**side note – There is a triple stack box jump at my gym that I am DETERMINED to get.  I’ve tried SO many times and I’m absolutely confidant that I’m getting closer.  Each time I get a little stronger, a little more efficient at making the required muscles work together and understand my own positioning a little better.  First attempt was not even verging on being close.  Now I can feel it’s close….a matter of millimetres.  I’m going to fail some more, but “By Jove” readers, I’m going to get it in the end.