One Piece Workouts – Barbell and BattleRopes

Workouts release 2 workouts to our online squad every week on Wednesday 9am:
There’s a saying that sometimes simple is better.  The problem is that sometimes simple can be…..boring.  Your two workouts this week revolve around using only a single piece of equipment, but we’ve put them in move sequences that mean you get a full body workout and aren’t doing the same thing OVER and Over.
Barbell – Probably the most recognisable piece of gym equipment out there.  So many people are unsure of the safe ways to to utilise a bar outside of the basic curls and squats.  We’ve put together a block circuit program to get all the major and quite a few minor muscles primed.  It’s based on a low weight, high rep theory so you’re going to burn some calories with this one as well.  As you become more confident with the moves, increase your weight whilst staying within your personal capabilities.
Battleropes – An apparatus that is one of the poster-children for Functional Fitness.  It’s an apparatus that uses your entire body to act as a support for whatever exercise you’re undertaking.  I.e – all the forces your are imparting on the ropes, are also required to be controlled through your body – Newton’s laws of equal and opposite forces (#physicsisawesome).  There’s the basics here as well as some that are going to take a few practice goes, grin.  Take your time with some of these and get a feel for how to utilise the rope’s momentum.  You may have to increase or decrease the tension on the rope to get it to behave how you want it to as well.  Experimentation is key – and it’s what keeps things interesting.
Hope you enjoy team – we had some fun putting these together, the battleropes one in particular.
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Super Set Sweetness

Our Online Crew have just received their two online workouts for the week.

Standard type workouts for us this week. One absolute burner of a cardio sprint – “OPEN YOUR LUNGS” – where you’ll do just that…and the rest.  Go hard – go strong…..try and active recovery as much as you can whilst transitioning between elements.  The elements themselves are going to hit hard.

The second one is a strength based superset workout.  Suprrsetting is alternating between two exercises, so that whilst one group is resting – the other is going hard.  This keep ours body temperature at peak form and more importantly, activates

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Keeping Training Interesting – Variable Round Workouts

Coming out Tomorrow at 9am to our Online Crew:

You know when you find a workout that you like – it pushes you, or it makes you feel good?  So you stick with it.  You get better at it.  You start to find it pretty easy, but changing it up would mean trying new stuff which would hurt and you wouldn’t be as good at it?  That is the SUPER common rut that most people fall into at some point.  You get SOOOOOO bored with your current workout routine, but are afraid to try something new for fear of not being great at it.  
But it’s super easy for us to say that – we’ve got two workouts that have multiple rounds of work with variability of moves to keep things interesting.  There’s cardio options to keep things comfortable if you are unsure.
Want to take a look at what you get every week?


This workout uses low-impact cardio.  Notice we said low-impact….not “easy”….cos it REALLY isn’t.  We’re upping the elevation on this workout and combining it with static body holds like planks and pushups to really give the core a workout.  Tried doing a plank when you’re really puffing?  It’s VERY challenging.  How about pushups?  Same deal.  What about both?  Oh we had fun creating and testing this one.


Can’t decide what you want to do in your session?  Try this allrounder workout.  It has just about everything! Still short, but with lots of VERY quick changing exercises. You won’t be on one move long enough to care that it’s pushing you if you pick the right weights.  That’s the kicker here – you want to pick weights that are challenging.  We have made suggestions, but if you can smash them all out in one go….given the volume, you’ve gone FARRR too light.  Push for challenge hey!
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Weekly Workouts – Beast Mode & Chilli Peppers

Wednesday Approaches!  Which means new workouts for the online crew!
Let’s see the contrast that we’re presenting this week hey? Keeping your fitness regime interesting is incredibly important, so the two workouts are absolutely worlds apart.  One is long and HEAVY….the other uses no external weights and is all about SPPEEEEDDD.


The brute workout first.  Utilising a lot of actions common to crossfit, with bar squats, pistols and walking overhead dumbbell lunges – Beast mode tests your pure strength capacity whilst remaining mobile.  Not an easy task – particularly as some of the most challenging sections are towards the end.  Concentration on the task is required.  Understanding what is being asked of the body….rest when you need to, but only until you can kick back in and continue the charge.


Chilli Peppers:

ZIIIINNNGGGG……one that is all about pure speed.  Using Skierg, Assault Bikes and regular exercise bikes, this workout challenges muscle adaption straight out of the gate, and then moves into oxygen burn, before returning to muscle adaption right at the end.  Legs, arms, torso all get a nice kick in the butt.  One that you can easily turn into a multiple round program, its adaptable to all fitness levels.  The fastest we’ve seen it done in so far is 9 mins.  If you don’t have some of these pieces of equipment, sub skierg for the rower, the assault bike for a normal exercise bike at 50% total resistance.
Why not give our workouts a try?
It’s so cheap you wont even notice the difference.
Enjoy gang – We really enjoyed the “Chilli Peppers” one this week and have done it a quite a few times now.
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Online Workouts: Train Your Weaknesses – Push Through Mental Challenge

 Coming through at 9:00am Wednesday – our online crew face their new challenges:


There’s always elements of training that we are better at than others.  And truth be told – we tend to favour those elements don’t we?  This is what separates those who truly want to be a more rounded athlete from those who only push their current strengths.  Cardio and strength in multiple shapes and forms – one of these is going to make you struggle….one of these is where you will make your improvements….


BLAM!!! Perseverance pulls no punches and gets us straight back into progression zone.
There are two concepts to this workout. Breakdown what seems like a mammoth task into smaller ones. Even when it looks like I’ve already broken it down, do it again. 1km can be 10x 100m efforts. Or alternate 100m hard, 50m rest. Do something to ensure your mind is engaged and constantly ticking off sections of work.
The second is relativity….How’d the 1000m flat (or on no resistance) feel after the heavy work? Like you were running downhill? It being pushed from behind? Why can’t that be like that all the time? Mindset.
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