Free Workout (I Challenge You) – Are You As Mentally Strong As You Think? “Perseverance”

You Tough Enough?

Lots of people talk big at gyms.  Lots of people reckon they have “perseverance”.  Here’s my challenge – “PERSEVERANCE” – a standard workout given to the ASSUME ITS POSSIBLE’s TRITAN training crew.

Ground Rules:

  • There is no time limit – you’re aiming to finish
  • You WILL NOT STOP in your runs….slow it down to a walk if required….but you stop at all, then the whole point of this workout is broken.  You could keep going, but you’ll know…..just make it slower and keep going!
  • The bike option is at MAX resistance (ours is 25) – and is ONLY if you physically cannot run.
  • Push-ups are on toes.  ALL of them.  Make them singles….make it take 10 minutes for the set….but they are…on…toes.
  • Pull-ups can be modified to suit ability – if you can do full ones, do full ones…if you’re not there yet, hang off straps with feet on the floor, body on an angle…..basically as hard as YOU can manage.
  • Google a V-Snap if you haven’t heard this term.  A v-pulse is a 10cm high V-Snap

There are two concepts to this workout. Breakdown what seems like a mammoth task into smaller ones. Even when it looks like I’ve already broken it down, do it again. 1km can be 10x 100m efforts. Or alternate 100m hard, 50m rest. Do something to ensure your mind is engaged and constantly ticking off sections of work.

The second is relativity….How’d the 1000m flat (or on no resistance) feel after the heavy work? Like you were running downhill? It being pushed from behind? Why can’t that be like that all the time? Mindset.



Interval Training Workouts: 1 For Speed – 1 For Endurance

So here’s what’s happening this week friends.  We have two workouts that are quite similar in structure.  One of these is designed to help promote your confidence in speed….one is to build your endurance under pressure.
Our First, and shorter one, is called “Mimic”.
 Designed to do a few things: – Improve your confidence in pushing your maximum efforts (i.e, discovering where your speed limits are and testing them safely) – Get the body used to transitioning between cardio and strength elements – Practice interval heartrate and metabolic control….i.e turning hardwork efforts on and off.
Best done with a partner, more for support than anything else, but absolutely able to be done solo as well.  A solid Abdominal set tacked onto the end as well for that stability and 6-pack pop!
The longer of the pairing is called “Labyrinth”.
 Simple, solid work. Nothing overtly complicated – just complete for time.  A mixture of longer cardio efforts – you can swap out runs for bike rides (just multiply the distances by 3) – and functional body strength work.  This workout is a slower burner that will get you adapting through effort load changes to find your working rhythms over 5 rounds.  Clarification – a handstand wall walk, is where you walk your feet up a wall, but the height is up to you. Not confident with a high handstand?  Have your feet lower down, closer towards a plank position.
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This Week’s Programs: Fast Twitch Trainer – Brute Force Builder

How often do you actually train for fast twitch muscles?  

Too often people just expect there to be a level of fast twitch, or they just accept that “this is how fast I am”.  Nope. Like anything, you can train to be faster – and like anything, it takes time.  We have a workout that is designed to push your speed, that’s the focus, everything else is there to give the speed push a rest, then hit it again.  We call it AFTERBURNER:

A speed and fast-twitch trainer. a grand total of 2.5km of running. Not far. But its all done at maximum speed. As the workout heads towards the finish, the reps of work in-between get less….but is that a good thing? Try to maintain a flat out run each and every time. The challenge wont be about breathing, but rather in keeping the muscles moving at a fast-twitch level. They’re going to want to relax around set 5.

Testing muscular endurance with mental endurance.

The other workout is a mental strength as well as pure strength workout.  Its based around ensuring you get maximum RANGE of motion.  It will get REALLY tempting to just get reps out, but you will be short-changing yourself.  You do this with perfect range, each and every time – therein lies the path to improvement. You are probably going to have singing shoulders and humming hamstrings after this treat which we’ve titled “Odds and Evens”. 
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Short Sprint or A Taste of Everything – You’ve got choices

Sometimes you need choices in workouts.  One day you might be a bit pressed for time, but you still want to have that HELL OF GOOD workout – we’ve got one.  Or, perhaps, a longer one, but that has a full-body component and makes you feel like your EVERYTHING has been cooked.
This is the everything smash-up.  One that we put together when we weren’t really sure what we felt like doing.  Turns out, it ended up being quite a great session that left fatigue in all the right places.  Hope you enjoy this one – we did.  Take you time with it, try for perfect range of motion, technique and at as high a level as possible.
This is the short and sharp and when done as fast as possible its going to really push the stomach wall muscles.  Don’t be surprised if these combinations make you feel a bit queasy – should you feel this way at all and don’t know where your threshold for this is, ease back until the feeling abates.  There might be some extra fun otherwise!
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Podcast Ep 5: Ironman 70.3


A summary of our Ironman 70.3 Experience. What is the Ironman? Whats the training for it like? what did we learn from the experience? How hard is it? Perspectives. A.I.P had 4 participants in the 2018 Sunshine Coast Ironman 70.3. Pete as a solo participant, and Sophie, Jodie, Katie as a team “Fit Fillies”. It rained, the surf was gross and it was one hell of a challenge. We’re all stronger because of it. Winners Energy Gels Our Energy Gels that we use. Wiggle: A good training kit supplier that we quite like. Everything is possible. Never hold back. We celebrate and encourage the human ability to learn any skill with positivity and desire. No dream is too big. We love gaming, fitness, technology, nutrition, learning – basically….everything. You can see more of what we get up to and the events we sponsor and organise at: Facebook –… Website – Instagram