Free Weekly Workouts December 16th

Let’s train for some events this week shall we – and maybe get you onto some machines that you aren’t all that familiar with!


This workout is all about continuous climbing.  A leg sculptor through and through.  The idea behind this workout is that speed is irrelevant, and continuous push is the key.  If you can get through the entire workout without stopping, but by managing your speed, then you’ve done it correctly!  Its going to be one incredible leg burn though – we assure you that!

Ever Upwards.png

Cooli Gold!

Maybe you’re familiar with the huge event that is the Coolangatta Gold, maybe you aren’t.  For those who are not – here is the Surf Life Saving event in its long course form.

Ski 23km

Run 2.1km

Swim 3.5km

Board 6.1km

Run 7.1km


Just digest that for a little bit – there’s a LOT going on here.  Now we train a few people for this event from a cardio perspective and this event is VERY weather dependent with regard to training.  Horrible outdoor weather means training for these specific elements is usually cancelled.  However – this workout allows our athletes to train the right muscle groups, and practice their speed and endurance whilst still being inside!  One we programmed last year and found it to be immensely useful – we hope you enjoy it, we’ve provided 3 different levels to play around with depending on how much time you have.

Cooli Gold (1).png

As always – train hard, train smart, train safe.

Cheers Gang – Pete.

November Free Workouts – Cardio HIIT’s

Two very different workouts today.

The similarity they share is they are both very cardiovascular.  Something that we see less and less people train nowadays 😉


One that the Crossfitters and HIIT athletes will like.  You have two moves – you do them one after the other, as fast as you can – for 10 rounds.  Super simple – Super hard.  This is one of those workouts where you are just burying yourself in the hurt locker for 20-30 minutes and seeing what comes out the other side.  One that often teaches you a lot about your physical fitness and mental willpower.  It’s as hard as you want to make it – how fast can you be?


Lots of people find treadmill running boring… To which we say “You’re not doing it right then!” Get creative.  In fact, we’ll do it for you.  Also – most people run flat groung….great – good start – but you will be surprised how good hills are for you.  In fact – try running on the flat after you’ve been running hills.  You’ll never whinge about flat running again!  Feels so good.  You’ve got multiple rounds of changing distances, and changing elevations.. Each round should be betweeen 4-6 mins (depending on how fast you run) so there’s some mental discipline in there to just keep going.  Suck it up – its only 30 mins-ish of work time.


Give it heaps gang – why the hell not?



Free Workout (I Challenge You) – Are You As Mentally Strong As You Think? “Perseverance”

You Tough Enough?

Lots of people talk big at gyms.  Lots of people reckon they have “perseverance”.  Here’s my challenge – “PERSEVERANCE” – a standard workout given to the ASSUME ITS POSSIBLE’s TRITAN training crew.

Ground Rules:

  • There is no time limit – you’re aiming to finish
  • You WILL NOT STOP in your runs….slow it down to a walk if required….but you stop at all, then the whole point of this workout is broken.  You could keep going, but you’ll know…..just make it slower and keep going!
  • The bike option is at MAX resistance (ours is 25) – and is ONLY if you physically cannot run.
  • Push-ups are on toes.  ALL of them.  Make them singles….make it take 10 minutes for the set….but they are…on…toes.
  • Pull-ups can be modified to suit ability – if you can do full ones, do full ones…if you’re not there yet, hang off straps with feet on the floor, body on an angle…..basically as hard as YOU can manage.
  • Google a V-Snap if you haven’t heard this term.  A v-pulse is a 10cm high V-Snap

There are two concepts to this workout. Breakdown what seems like a mammoth task into smaller ones. Even when it looks like I’ve already broken it down, do it again. 1km can be 10x 100m efforts. Or alternate 100m hard, 50m rest. Do something to ensure your mind is engaged and constantly ticking off sections of work.

The second is relativity….How’d the 1000m flat (or on no resistance) feel after the heavy work? Like you were running downhill? It being pushed from behind? Why can’t that be like that all the time? Mindset.



Free Workout – Discover Your Cardio/Power Thresholds

Yep, another freebie workout.

Now this one looks simple on paper, but there’s some thought process required going into this – as you can potentially learn a lot about you strengths and weaknesses.

What is it?

This workout is designed for you to go as far (distance) as possible each set without blowing up. The time allowances get shorter every time, and each round you get 2 mins to recover. 2 mins is surprisingly a LOT of recovery time you’ll discover. What this means is, you really need to push yourself to give it all and utilise that rest .

What will you get out of it?

You’re going to discover whether your fitness is more geared towards longer endurance times like 5 or 4 mins, or whether you are able to better withstand shorter 1 and 2 min efforts. This only works on maximum efforts. 1 min immediately sounds easy – have tried to max sprint on a treadmill or an Assault Bike for 60 secs??? It’s disgusting, lol.

You can do this in any Cardio form (run, bike, row, assault bike), but whatever you choose, you stick with for every round and you absolutely give it all.

The best workouts teach you something about yourself – this is going to do that!

Free Workout DOWNLOAD “Pufferfish”

Another Freebie Workout Download?

Damn Pete you gettin’ soft.  Grin – no we just share our older resources.  A lot of workouts are custom designed for particular outcomes and when those outcomes are achieved by training groups – well then we like to share.



It’s got this name for a reason.  10 Rounds of “As fast as you can maintain” attitude!  Keep in mind – that is a relative phrase.  Everyone’s particular “as fast as you can maintain” speed is different, so there is no pressure on you to achieve any particular speed.  Set yourself some goals!

It’s super simple….It’s super challenging if you do it right!  And for heavens sake do it with someone else to help you keep going 😉