One Piece Workouts – Barbell and BattleRopes

Workouts release 2 workouts to our online squad every week on Wednesday 9am:
There’s a saying that sometimes simple is better.  The problem is that sometimes simple can be…..boring.  Your two workouts this week revolve around using only a single piece of equipment, but we’ve put them in move sequences that mean you get a full body workout and aren’t doing the same thing OVER and Over.
Barbell – Probably the most recognisable piece of gym equipment out there.  So many people are unsure of the safe ways to to utilise a bar outside of the basic curls and squats.  We’ve put together a block circuit program to get all the major and quite a few minor muscles primed.  It’s based on a low weight, high rep theory so you’re going to burn some calories with this one as well.  As you become more confident with the moves, increase your weight whilst staying within your personal capabilities.
Battleropes – An apparatus that is one of the poster-children for Functional Fitness.  It’s an apparatus that uses your entire body to act as a support for whatever exercise you’re undertaking.  I.e – all the forces your are imparting on the ropes, are also required to be controlled through your body – Newton’s laws of equal and opposite forces (#physicsisawesome).  There’s the basics here as well as some that are going to take a few practice goes, grin.  Take your time with some of these and get a feel for how to utilise the rope’s momentum.  You may have to increase or decrease the tension on the rope to get it to behave how you want it to as well.  Experimentation is key – and it’s what keeps things interesting.
Hope you enjoy team – we had some fun putting these together, the battleropes one in particular.
Have a squiz at what we do each week at:
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Weekly Workouts for the Online Team – Wed at 9am, coming in:
Two really icky type workouts that I love to push through on a challenge day.  Centering around learning to run uphill – everyone’s favourite style of running hey? – and getting your muscle fibres to adapt between training elements.
Uphill running is very very different to flat running.  The style is changed, you need to get heels down and use your bum more, otherwise your calf muscles are going to lock up and blow out faster than you can say “my lungs aren’t working anymore!!”.  And you won’t be able to say that, because your lungs won’t be working anymore 🙂  3 Rounds of varying hill steepness on a treadmill – it will test your lungs, your legs and your willpower.  Our greatest tip?  Don’t stop.  Change the speed as required definitely….manage you pace. Stopping on the other hand is acknowledging mentally that you have tapped out….and maybe you need to…..but usually, its because you WANT to, not because you need to….slow it down, walk, but don’t stop!
The Transitional Training is another aspect of training, particularly in multi-sports that doesn’t oft get practiced by newcomers, for the simple reason that it can be remarkably unpleasant.  Feeling muscles stiff, changing breathing patterns – this all takes several minutes to change over and its not a walk in the park.  It definitely gets quicker, and it’s definitely worth practicing, as experiencing it all for the first time on race day is a fabulous recipe to hit all sorts of walls.  Get some experience under the belt beforehand hey?
Come Take A Look At:
Enjoy that Hill Run – It’s an absolute banger supreme….lol
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500 Rep Strength and the Quartermile Burpee Challenge

Two workouts from our signature training crew this week for the online guys.  These workouts have been taken on recently by our “TRITAN” group and we are very satisfied with the challenge they present.  Able to be done by any level with the right options, and it brings on some pretty unique workout bragging rights 🙂
A super simple workout – but omg wow does that hit you right in the feels!!!! Long Jumps (known as broad jumps) combined with burpees – each action takes about 2% out of the current tank of fuel. By the time you’re getting to lap 9 – that heavy breathing and sweat is turned right up….but its amazing as you start to get closer to the goal, as the end actually becomes a reality, how you get motivation back!
This is quite important to keep in mind. For long events, or even short ones with tough sections like this one, focus on the current task at hand. Break the sections down and don’t look at as “I have THIS far to go”….that doesn’t help anything. Better is to say to yourself “ok, 5 laps down, lets kick another 2 off.” Focus on them. To let yourself get swept away is counter-productive to your cause. Rather, ride the wave of many small successes.
Sochvatlh….Klingon for “700”…. Thank you Big Bang Theory 😉
A pure mental smasher. No pretty trappings. Tactical decision making is required in two forms: 1- what order will you do the moves? Different for all of us, based on our individual strengths and preferences. That said, there are certainly some Less than optimal methods…i.e don’t do several arm based moves all on a row 😉 2- how will you break your reps up? It seems logical to go as many as you can every time. This is the least efficient way I can assure you. You want short reps followed by short rests, at a high cycle rate. Long rep counts means longer rests, which plays on your mind every time. Short reps with short rests is far faster in the long run and mentally much much easier.
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Training for Adaptive Muscles

Each and every week, usually 9am Wed AEST – our online crew receive 2 new varied workouts for their consumption.  Take a look a couple of examples over at:

Say what now?  Adaptive muscles?  

Yes – this week we’re looking at how to train your body to be able to transition through different muscle sets, cardio sets and endurance sets.  Not just able to make the change mind you, but to understand what it’s doing, and how it feels.  One of the reasons Multi-sports are so challenging is this transitioning between elements and it’s something that far too many people don’t practice.  Believe me when I say that starting a 10km run AFTER a 40km ride feels RADICALLY different in your muscles, than just starting a run cold.  And we’re not just talking about the obvious fact that you’re fatigued already.  The muscles are conditioned to a certain element, and they’re quite happy to stay doing that, rather than change to a new element.  Understand how it feels, know what’s coming – experience means so much.
So with all that in mind our workouts are:

“Simulating Multisports”

A workout that is what it says on the label.  Getting your muscles to a point where the feeling of transitioning between elements can be experienced and practiced.  No you don’t have to go swim 1000m or ride 40km, thankfully we can optimise the experience in a gym scenario.  It will give you a really good idea of how it feel within your body though.  We’ve set up drills for a SWIM-short run to RIDE….and a RIDE to RUN.

The second one is “Surge Sets”

Based on more traditional gym functional actions – the surge sets will get you to adapt between muscular loading, speed and stability rapidly.  A short rest (and we mean short) will prompt the body to begin relaxing, then you go again.  Oft changing sets of work, mean there is little to no time to gain muscle memory of actions before you are changing again.  The slogan for this workout is “being ok with not being ok” – and we mean that within the context of, it’s ok to feel like the body is struggling, because it will be!
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Keeping Training Interesting – Variable Round Workouts

Coming out Tomorrow at 9am to our Online Crew:

You know when you find a workout that you like – it pushes you, or it makes you feel good?  So you stick with it.  You get better at it.  You start to find it pretty easy, but changing it up would mean trying new stuff which would hurt and you wouldn’t be as good at it?  That is the SUPER common rut that most people fall into at some point.  You get SOOOOOO bored with your current workout routine, but are afraid to try something new for fear of not being great at it.  
But it’s super easy for us to say that – we’ve got two workouts that have multiple rounds of work with variability of moves to keep things interesting.  There’s cardio options to keep things comfortable if you are unsure.
Want to take a look at what you get every week?


This workout uses low-impact cardio.  Notice we said low-impact….not “easy”….cos it REALLY isn’t.  We’re upping the elevation on this workout and combining it with static body holds like planks and pushups to really give the core a workout.  Tried doing a plank when you’re really puffing?  It’s VERY challenging.  How about pushups?  Same deal.  What about both?  Oh we had fun creating and testing this one.


Can’t decide what you want to do in your session?  Try this allrounder workout.  It has just about everything! Still short, but with lots of VERY quick changing exercises. You won’t be on one move long enough to care that it’s pushing you if you pick the right weights.  That’s the kicker here – you want to pick weights that are challenging.  We have made suggestions, but if you can smash them all out in one go….given the volume, you’ve gone FARRR too light.  Push for challenge hey!
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