Keeping Gym Fun: Reverse Treadmill Bear-Crawl Challenge

The premise?  Crawl backwards on a slow moving treadmill, which is raised to 15% gradient – for a continuous 3 minutes.

This is a significant spatial, upper shoulder, arm, abs and quads challenge.  Basically, we couldn’t find a staircase to crawl backwards up for 3 minutes, so we’re going to simulate it with a treadmill – it’s also in a controlled environment for some added safety for first timers.

Check out our video below for setup, safety tips and how we went with it.


Weekly Workouts – “Ultramar” & “Percival” 30 min timebombs

The Weekly Workouts are coming!!!  Wednesday is approaching and that means that the new batch of challenges are coming your way.  Good, i’m just about finished being sore testing out one of the new ones “Ultramar” – grin – but I digress.

Jump into our squad for 2 CHALLENGING yet achievable workouts every week, releasing 9am Wednesdays.  They scale, so no matter what fitness level you are, there are options to help you achieve completion.  $3 a week – yep….you won’t find anyone else doing anything like us, or for anywhere near that price.  Try it and see.

Two Workouts that take approximately 30 mins each.  One strength and one composite.  We introduce “Ultramar” and “Percival”.  Ultramar, being the strength workout, is designed as a benchmark style workout – any of the moves you can’t complete in full range – take an option that means you can achieve it (like pull-ups, do them on an incline with feet on the floor if you need to).  Percival is an interesting blend of co-ordination, cardio and strength.  Designed to not be extraordinarily difficult, it is awkward however, and therein lies the challenge whilst breathing heavily.
This Gothic named Monster is one of those workouts you feel for days. Literally. 30 minutes time cap the idea is to set it so you can’t finish it the first few times you try, to create a new benchmark to achieve. Short round, medium round – and a round that is both combined together. Adapt every round to extended sets. Change your rest intervals. Be as smart with the workout a possible.
The second Knights of the Round table workout. Not especially hard in isolation of each exercise, but all booked together? There are some serious choices to go hard if you wish. The coup de’gras is the challenge of Percival’s faith, which we emulate through the seeing what you can summon in 2 mins of unstoppable assault bike effort. Bring the fire.
Can you hold on and conquer the holy force that is the 2nd holiest of the Knights of the Round Table.
Mar Week 1 FB Ad - 2019.jpg

Getting Back To the Gym after a Break

We’re almost two weeks into the new year – and the initial motivation and energy based around getting back into training can start to wane here.  If you haven’t gotten back into your training regime or kick-started that New Year’s resolution then there’s a few things to keep in mind for the first few weeks.


Realistic Expectations

If you’ve had more than 2 weeks away from the gym on holiday, or maybe you’ve been indulging in the yummies a bit too much?  You’re gonna have to face the fact that you won’t be at the level you were previously.  You won’t have lost a whole lot, but cardio in particular is going to be a bit of a kick in the stomach when you start breathing really heavily in a shorter time-frame than expected.  You will also find that you may not be able to execute the same number of repetitions of weights.  If you’ve only had a week or two off, the odds are your ability to lift the same weight may not have diminished, but the number of reps, or muscular endurance will have dropped off slightly.  The good news is that it’s going to return quite quickly, usually inside a week or 2 – if you’ve only had a short break and binge on the Christmas sauce.


Don’t Come Back Too Hard Too Fast

kettlebell-2052765__340This is one we see quite often.  One of the biggest reasons people often give up on their training schedules is they remember what they used to be able to do, and come storming into a workout designed on that previous ability – and promptly burn out.  The workouts may still be achievable but they’re going to make you incredibly exhausted, sore, and mentally strapped.  All of this then impacts the other aspects of your life like family and work and it all builds into this huge negative space centered around your fitness – which should be the stress relief to all of that.

So – ease back into it!  You’ll be back to running like a boss and throwing small cars around the weight room within a few weeks.  Enjoy the journey back and use it to understand the progress you made!  It can be easy to take your success for granted, these short backward steps are great reminders of the progress you are capable of.


You’re Gonna Be Sore

Yeah….just…..yeah.  Even with just a two week break, your muscles get very used to not exerting themselves very quickly.  As we mentioned above, muscle memory is fabulous and will enable you to get back to previous standards quickly, but it’s definitely going to give you some pretty epic Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) in the process.  We’re quite cardio based in our own training and even running at a fast pace again is going to give the hamstrings and quads some aches the following days.  Its humbling.  It’s a great reminder. It’s a good motivator.



Train With A Mate or Trainer

Buddy.jpgSo there’s going to be a bit of challenge getting back into the workout schedule hey?  But you knew that.  We love exercise and the odds are, if you’re reading this, you do too.  We’ve had breaks before, and we’ve started again before.  Don’t let this one be the one that breaks you.  Set the mind, prepare your expectations, utilise your motivation and push for your new goals and targets with patience.  And you know what helps with all that?  A training buddy.  Or a trainer.  And there’s several ways of doing that.  Train with someone who is equally or more motivated than yourself.  The perfect world is to train with someone who is actually better than you at whatever it is you want to train.  They will give you a constant goal to help motivate.  Other options include going to a group fitness scenario with a great instructor.  You know – that one that actually walks the talk and is an source of energy for when you’re not feeling it yourself.  And finally – consider a trainer.  It doesn’t even need to be a recurring things – sometimes just having a once off check-in with a fitness professional, to set goals and make sure all your planning is headed in the right direction, is enough to get you focused and set.


Happy workouts crew – bring on 2019!

Cheers – Pete.


Working Out On Your Own – Where to find Inspiration and Routines

Hey there! You know when you just DONT KNOW what you feel like doing exercise wise?  There’s the urge to go and do something but the inspiration isn’t hot?  Even the most hard-core gym class junkie needs to do something different every now and again (looking at myself here).  Sometimes that urge can be a quick session on a gym floor, but even then – that can get repetitive quickly.  Nope – all you need is an interesting open space (or any open space really) and a quick google search with a couple of specific headings.



Yes – there is actually a legitimate reason for google images now other than….what you might else use it for.  Rather than just searching through webpages and articles (though thank you for reading ours – grin), get straight to what you want before you get comfortable on that couch.  We recommend a search for:

HIIT Workouts

Superhero Workouts (these are essentially the same thing but have some cool move theming ideas)

and you’ll get something that looks like this:

Google will even start to break them into categories for you at the top of your search:


The key is to not spend too long looking for the perfect one, just grab one and go.  Next time, you get another and another and another.  You’re not going to run out, and it’s way better to get in get something done, rather than potentially lose that mojo and tap out.

If in doubt – you can’t go wrong with a superhero workout 🙂




If you’re at point in your fitness where you can confidently insert a great variety of moves and exercises, then spend 10 minutes devising your own workout.  It’s important to not only include things you like though.  Typically, we like certain moves because we’re good at them – duh.  So you’re going to have to be honest with thyself and put in that ab-combo that you find bloody impossible, because that’s the first step to smashing that wall down you superhero.

Here’s one we created last Monday afternoon and did it watching then sun set over a local lake.  It was tough, it was fun and it totally made the entire day worthwhile.

So go forth yon exercise adventurer – find a change to keep things fresh.  THEN comeback to your regular routine and tuck into it with gusto, knowing you’ve always go some alternative cuisine if required 😉


You are the inspiration!

Pete – Assume It’s Possible.

Motivate Your Fitness Goals – By Motivating Other People’s :)

Ah 2017….another year rolls by, or rather, if you believe the hype and posts on facebook – another year has massacred a whole host of famous people.  No more of that ok? 

Let’s talk all y’all fitness resolutions that probably are looking a mite shaky already…or maybe haven’t started yet?  *Wink.  In my opinion, simply having a resolution, means absolutely nothing.  The word “resolution” has lost meaning, so instead let us converse on what you want to achieve meaningfully in a fitness perspective this year.

Step 1:  To be motivated – thou must actually have a goal

So what’s it going to be this year?  I’ve heard some fantastic ones so far.

“I’m going to do my first Noosa Triathlon”smart

“Im doing the Gold Coast Half Marathon”

You know why these are great goals?  They’re SMART goals.  Specific-Measurable-Agreed-Realistic-Timebased.  You know what you are training for.  You can measure your running training by distance and speed increase over time.  You have agreed this with someone else.  They’re realistic – taking on an IRONMAN out of the blue would smack of insincerity (#bullsh*t)…..and they’re time-based….these are set events that occur on a date, you gotta get your training in gear Friends!

Step 2:  To be motivated – MOTIVATE SOMEONE ELSE

Now going solo is admirable and quite doable, but let’s be honest, how

bike ride.jpg
Getting out on the pushies for an hour or two – definitely counts as exercise

much easier is training with a buddy.  People will look each other in the eye and say “let’s be each others motivation!!”….and then agree to hit coffee club.  Nope – you need to be championing other people’s motivations and aspirations, not just one person, but subtley support everyone you can.  Why you say?  Because it fosters an innate positivity that not only reflects on you in other people’s determined eyes, but then makes you accountable to make sure you’re reaching for your own raised podium.  Please – i’m not talking about swinging flags and chanting “GO GARY GO”, you guys know exactly what I mean.

Step 3:  For God’s sake give yourself a pat on the back hey!

I mean this metaphorically – and LITERALLY.  When you do a training session, anything, let yourself know that you did well.  Take 10 seconds to actually think about what you have done and think “awesome, so how can I adapt that next time to make it bette

You “could” do it this way i suppose?

r?”  It’s so easy to beat up on yourself – WHYYYY?  What are you helping?  No, you make a mistake, or you dont’t train, then learn….and be better next time.  

HANG ON – you said “literally?”  Grin. I did, didn’t I?

 So, occasionally the message needs to be reinforced.  I will literally pat my own back after a BIG session – no wait, listen – the emotional drive home that this creates, as well as the fact it takes about 3 seconds to do, and you are focused on the action – means you HAVE to think about what you’ve done.   And then slyly smile at the silliness of it all.  Seriously – i cannot recommend this enough.

And HEY!!! Be prepared for your workouts yes?  Get all your gear set before you NEED to be leaving.

That’s enough for now.  Ask your gym/training buddies what they want this year.  Have they even thought about it?  This is the year where we do it together, as a team….we got this!

Assume It’s Possible.

Cheers Team – Pete.