Patreon: You asked – We listened – Cheap Programs

Over the weekend – we launched A.I.P’s cheap training programs for Circuit and mobility/flexibility training with minimal equipment.  The idea is that personal training doesn’t HAVE to be crazy expensive.  We want to offer our services as body-weight / functional trainers to anyone who wants it.  The programs are updated every week so you never get bored with your workout. NOW HERE’S WHAT WE CHANGED – we had several comments about wanting to be able to either choose the Circuit OR the Flexibility program.  We didn’t have this originally, so now there are TWO tiers of rewards that you can choose, which combine as well if you want both.

August 9th.jpg

What it is:

Multi-tiered value structures.  You want a PDF of a new program only?  Fair call – $3 will get you that.

$5 will get you the video that comes with it explaining the moves and having us talk you through getting the most out of your session.

$10, and BOTH programs are yours to utilise.  Work on your cardio, strength, flexibility and movement in one tidy little package.

$15 and we throw in the nifty extras of us making the vids, some extra hints and tips and us throwing down flips and more as we push our own workout as well!


New programs will be release each Wednesday.  So your account gets deducted then, with our undying gratitude, and you have a week’s worth of butt-kickery to get stuck into.

Have a look here:


Consider becoming a pledger – for as little or as long as you like – and we have already put up a freebie PDF and Video on both Patreon and Facebook already for you to play with.

Fitness inspiration is affordable – all you need to do? Just get outside and take some time for you.

Cheers Possiblers – Pete.


Fitting It all In – Being Busy is Grand


Man it’s hard to get everything done nowadays – work, training, social life, business enterprises, ideas, hobbies and everything else that springs up.

Shiva – Lord of the Multi-task


Today is Thursday – that means the following things need to be ticked off.  Wake up, and get the days posts and updates for the Assume It’s Possible Facebook ready. Eat breakkie whilst that’s all happening and pack the bag for the gym class I’ll be teaching later this evening (crap I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten my mic belt and will need to shoot home to get it – thanks Internet for the reminder! phew).  Then it’s into the shower to get ready for the 10hr work day as a Project Engineer on the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.  During that day I’ll figure out my choreography for the hour long cardio class that evening – teach said class once work is done at 5.30pm and THEN….then I might think about looking into business ideas, ventures where I want to go next, answering emails, writing blogs and settle down to read a book before bed. AND I LOVE IT.

Sunshine Coast Hospital – This thing is MASSIVE



Being busy is something that we, by and large, choose.  I could very easily NOT be working the job that I do and have shorter hours.  I could choose not to teach several different gym classes a week that require memorising an hour’s worth of Choreography – and certainly could dump the effort that comes with maintaining a start-up business across multiple media platforms and also requires physical presence.  But I don’t want to stop 🙂  I like being busy, I like having to push my mind in continually changing ways – from figuring out loadings of steel and financial cost, to how many rhythmic counts there are between a tuck jump and a high knee run.  It keeps my brain fresh, pliable and you can almost feel that neural network expanding (the brain is an incredible thing t30 young.jpghe more you think about it).  I feel younger now at 29 (almost 30 actually) than I did at 25.  There is a stigma that as we get older we need to slow down and I’m really against that.  “OOOHHH the big 30 is coming, you’re getting old now” is a phrase I’m hearing a lot.  What the hell?  I plan on accelerating my time, my efforts and the results being achieved – not slowing down. If that means putting my headphones in and learning choreography to the advanced instructor course this weekend whilst having lunch……so be it (puts headphones on starts headbanging to latest techno intensity training track).  To achieve what we want, we need to put the effort in.  Instead of hitting up the Playstation tonight, and believe me I just downloaded “No Man’s Sky” and LOVE that game, I’m going to put together my video submission for Australian Ninja Warrior (yes seriously – I have wanted to try that obstacle course for EVER) – and then I might sneak a cheeky half hour of space captaining in (so much hyperspace goodness).


Being busy is grand (obviously in balanced measure) – to me it represents undertaking all the things we’re required to do and then pushing for the things we WANT to do. So to that end – I’m going to finish my financial reports, go for a walk onsite to check progress, learn my class choreography, inhale lunch, smash through the rest of this quick (and all over the place) blog post, do the video editing and spend some quality time with my beautiful other half before going to sleep with a smile on the face.


**This is one of the most eclectic posts I’ve written in a while.

Go for your dreams – do what you need to do to fuel that passion and small steps lead to massive forward jumps and tuck and rolls (protect those knees).

Go for it Team – Pete.