Training for Adaptive Muscles

Each and every week, usually 9am Wed AEST – our online crew receive 2 new varied workouts for their consumption.  Take a look a couple of examples over at:

Say what now?  Adaptive muscles?  

Yes – this week we’re looking at how to train your body to be able to transition through different muscle sets, cardio sets and endurance sets.  Not just able to make the change mind you, but to understand what it’s doing, and how it feels.  One of the reasons Multi-sports are so challenging is this transitioning between elements and it’s something that far too many people don’t practice.  Believe me when I say that starting a 10km run AFTER a 40km ride feels RADICALLY different in your muscles, than just starting a run cold.  And we’re not just talking about the obvious fact that you’re fatigued already.  The muscles are conditioned to a certain element, and they’re quite happy to stay doing that, rather than change to a new element.  Understand how it feels, know what’s coming – experience means so much.
So with all that in mind our workouts are:

“Simulating Multisports”

A workout that is what it says on the label.  Getting your muscles to a point where the feeling of transitioning between elements can be experienced and practiced.  No you don’t have to go swim 1000m or ride 40km, thankfully we can optimise the experience in a gym scenario.  It will give you a really good idea of how it feel within your body though.  We’ve set up drills for a SWIM-short run to RIDE….and a RIDE to RUN.

The second one is “Surge Sets”

Based on more traditional gym functional actions – the surge sets will get you to adapt between muscular loading, speed and stability rapidly.  A short rest (and we mean short) will prompt the body to begin relaxing, then you go again.  Oft changing sets of work, mean there is little to no time to gain muscle memory of actions before you are changing again.  The slogan for this workout is “being ok with not being ok” – and we mean that within the context of, it’s ok to feel like the body is struggling, because it will be!
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Functional Fitness – Two Short Explosive Workouts

We’re going with two shorter workouts this week for the online crew.  One is more weights focussed with some explosive lifts, whilst the other is centralised around body-weight.  Both have short bursts of running in them to break up your working sets.


Utilising strength through weight repetition.  Huge fatigue through the arms with heavy bar-work, your decreasing reps each set are broken up by inserting a quick sprint between to empty out the lungs and push you start again.  There’s going to be rests required here – and if you can get through your sets without having a single rest, your weights are FAR too light.

Low Burn:

A bodyweight styled workout designed to promote additional coordination spatially.  It’s suprising how hard coordinated movements are when the body is under duress. Take your time – make sure of your movements – work on pushing away your threshold limits.  Starting and finishing with a decent mid-distance runs, its a great workout when you’re wanting that WHOLE BODY WORKOUT FEELING
Why not see what we’re about?
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Weekly Workouts: Welcome To VomBomb! Yeah we’re not kidding 😉

Just published for our online squad!!

Grin – yes one of the workouts today is labelled Vombomb. The great thing is it’s short. The other one coming at you guys this week is WARP DRIVE. Also short, but strength based, this week is all about getting in, getting the workout done and getting back out again.

Join our team:

We put out two programs each and every week – just like these… For next to nothing! $3 a week. And if we don’t do it, you don’t get charged.

Oh we really like this bad boy. Preferably done with a team mate as there’s some setup with treadmills involved. If you’re hitting it solo, no fear, just do the prep in between (you’ll see what we mean). Utilising a preload move for maximal muscle and O2 fatigue, we then push through a Max Speed set of work. Sounds delicious, is delicious. Don’t eat before this one.

Another short one, but no fear, it has calorie and strength burn in spades. Alternating work and rest sets, the change comes from having to give your all for repeated short blocks, which is exceptionally challenging mentally.

One Cardio, one Strength, both time efficient and full of butt-kickery. You’re in for a solid teaching week friends.

The Uphill Battle & A Choose Your Own Difficulty Workout

This Wednesday – coming out at 9am – Two brand new workouts for our Online Crew.  $3 a week will grab you our weekly fitness program dump.  Yep, instead of ONE coffee, you can get 2 functional fitness programs.

Some new themes here my friends.  A more standard type workout, and then a choose you own path and level workout.
The first cardio workout is going to show you how to use the gradient on your treadmill in new and interesting ways.  An uphill run.  An ever increasingly steep uphill run… uphill run that eventually uses weights… uphill run that plateaus and then has a sprint finish.  Standard. Grin.
The Choose your own difficulty workout almost 3 mini sessions in one.  You could do either Part 1, OR part 2, OR part 3 as an individual workout.  Feel like more of a session?  Then do 2 parts together.  Feel like a solid hero workout?  Bang all three together and see how you go.  So much choice.November week 4 FB Ad - 2018.jpg