Online Weekly Workouts: Composite Strength/Power & A Super Quick HIIT

Our online squad just got their two workouts!

This week we have two massive calorie burners that use your workout “afterburn” to great effect:


A combination type workout that forces the body to continually adapt between cardiovascular, strength and power activities. Designed to burn an absolute truckload of calories by keeping the body well away from any sort of steady state phase – STRENGTH & POWER can be modified to suit any time schedule. We find four rounds is the optimal balance of time/endurance, but if you only have 20 mins or so – then take on 2 rounds and turn up the speed or weight!


You won’t need a morning coffee once you’ve started this one! Guaranteed to get the adrenaline cranking, ENERGISER is about trying to get continually faster even as you fatigue.

The trick is to play with your speeds, find what you can JUST hold each round – recover with burpees…..hang on….
“What did you just say?”
Yep….. RECOVER with burpees, lol.

And then know you can do the next speed set at slightly faster than what you just did – we’re talking 0.5km increments, maybe 1-2km increments. As you hit the 400 and 200m sections …pacing goes out the window. Drop it dead and just hammer home. Damn it feels good when you’re done! ūüĒ•ūüí™ūüĒ•

Jumping & Light Landings – Protect Your Joints

Jumping is a natural thing for us – and it forms an integral part of many people’s fitness and competitive training. The thing is, landing your jump is just as important as being able to jump in the first place. If you ruin your joints, then you wont be jumping anymore hey? Let’s discuss the best ways to catch yourself once you’ve grasshopper’ed into the stratosphere.

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Low Impact – High Energy Workouts

Coming out tomorrow at 9am….Our online workout crew get their new workouts!!
High energy expenditure doesn’t require high impact moves. ¬†Tuck jumps are great and all, but the knees and ankles might not be so appreciative all the time.
The first workout is called Big Spender – and you’ll need an Assault-Type Bike or a normal regular exercise bike. ¬†The concept is that this workout is done as fast as possible, but the first time you try this one, we advise pacing it out. ¬†Regardless of how fast you do it, the tick boxes for moving on are calorie based, so you’re guaranteed a minimum level of workout.
The second is called Powerhouse. ¬†This workout is interesting – easy efforts of tick over, to prepare you for very short efforts of maximum power expenditure. ¬†Surprisingly, it’s much more of a mental challenge to hit that 100% effort. ¬†We have natural inbuilt mechanisms that tend to hold us back from giving everything – and being able to step through these barriers is an exercise in mental control. ¬†This is why the distances are short, and there’s no time limit. ¬†Take your time – but when it’s go time…….go hard!October week 4 FB Ad - 2018

Online Training Coming At You! The Deepest of Dead-Legs – and HIIT Cardio. Short and Sharp.

Join the online Assume Its Possible crew for $3 a week. 2 Programs each and every week, and the best thing?¬† You only pay when the workouts are posted.¬† So if we don’t post, you don’t get charged!
So this week’s workouts are focusing on your legs and lungs.
Dead Leg Disco:
Workout one is all about massive leg burn. ¬†So much leg focus, but not just to smash them…We’re building the power capabilities in your legs. ¬†This is one of those workouts that you’re going to feel for a few days afterwards.
Twin Peaks:
The second workout is a VERY short workout, but with shortness comes intensity – achievable intensity. ¬†This workout is great, because no matter what your fitness level, it’s still going to be a challenge. ¬†Fitter? Go Faster! ¬†Can you turn your screws up to 11? ¬†And how long can you hold it there? ¬†Slow down whenever you need, complete the workout – but challenge yourself in doing so.
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This Week’s Training – Where’s the Threshold?

Well hello there y’all.
This week we’re exploring threshold training. ¬†What’s that mean? ¬†we have two workouts for you that provide the possiblity for you to push yourself harder than you thought you could. ¬†Do you need to go that hard? ¬†Absolutely not – if you want to use these for some lighter “turn the legs over” training, you can most certainly do that. ¬†But they are designed so that should you wish to put yourself to test – you can.
Workout 1: Strength & Power – “Inside Out”
Multiple rounds of intense explosive power actions followed up by heavy strength loading to burn oxygen.  The first round is going to be manageable Рthe fourth is going to push the melt button
Workout 2: Every Changing Cardio – “Stairway to Heaven”
An ever changing series of cardiovascular acitivites that will force the body to adapt, to breathe. ¬†It’s going to make you think about how long you need to recover, how hard can you go and still find ways to get the oxygen in. ¬†Where’s the thresholds for “this is the limit pace” you can hold.
As mentioned above, both workouts can definitely be done at slower paces and are still great at increasing their respective training focus.  Not every workout needs to be a superhero effort.
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