Strength – Slow Max Out…….& How To Bolt On a Swim To Another Workout

Hola everybody.  Today your workouts revolve around two very different concepts.  The first workout is a slow burn max strength set on machines in the gym.  This workout is designed to get your muscles to hit maximum fatigue and then fail.  This is why it’s on machines, to keep things safe.  The second is a swimming workout!! Whoa, i know, we haven’t done one of these for a while.  It’s a good intermediate workout or the reason we’ve created it, as a additional add-on to an existing cardio workout.


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Slow Max Out:

Like we’ve said above, this workout is going to get you to hit maximum muscle utilisation and then, ideally, failure.  We achieve this on machines for two of the three muscle groups to ensure that your technique stays true and the moves are safe.  Each set is designed to be achieved with the heaviest weight you are confident with.  That’s key there, don’t let ego get in the way here – work your way up through weights, understand where your capabilities are.  The good thing about this, you’ll get to do this workout several times as you discover where those loads are.

Bolt-on Swim:

This workout is designed to be added to an existing cardiovascular workout to promote multi-discipline endurance and transitional ability.  In other words, we envisage you going for a run, or a ride, or even a prior gym session and then hitting the pool whilst the body is still in work mode.  This is going to force your body to adapt, to utilise muscles that are currently geared for another activity and to get you transition into swimming.  As another training usage – if you’re on your journey to becoming a stronger swimming, this may serve quite well as a workout on it’s own.

Keep your training varied – the more variation you can expose the body to (within the parameters of what you want to achieve), the better your overall fitness ability will be.

Cheers Gang.


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Training For High Score and Acceleration Through Fatigue


The two workouts this week have two very different theme flavours about them – though they’re both quite intense in application.


Scoreboard is a series of exercises done for a prescribed time – where you are trying to max out either distance, calories or reps.  Over the course of 7 exercises, you will accumulate points, and you can either compete against friends, or yourself over two attempts.  Max-out workouts can be pretty gross, so we’ve put a fun spin on it.  Its also interesting how having the motivation of friendly “competition” at something puts things into a more tolerable light.  

Sweet Speed:

Going fast and hard on a first attempt is one thing.  Experience and knoweledge go a long way into understanding how moves work, how combinations of actions feel, and what the threshold’s presented are.  So over three rounds, and ever-decreasing repetitions – even though you are fatiguing – can you accelerate your work pace?  Knowing that the reps are less, can you off-set that by moving through them more quickly?  An interesting application.  Let’s try it.
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This Week’s Programs: Fast Twitch Trainer – Brute Force Builder

How often do you actually train for fast twitch muscles?  

Too often people just expect there to be a level of fast twitch, or they just accept that “this is how fast I am”.  Nope. Like anything, you can train to be faster – and like anything, it takes time.  We have a workout that is designed to push your speed, that’s the focus, everything else is there to give the speed push a rest, then hit it again.  We call it AFTERBURNER:

A speed and fast-twitch trainer. a grand total of 2.5km of running. Not far. But its all done at maximum speed. As the workout heads towards the finish, the reps of work in-between get less….but is that a good thing? Try to maintain a flat out run each and every time. The challenge wont be about breathing, but rather in keeping the muscles moving at a fast-twitch level. They’re going to want to relax around set 5.

Testing muscular endurance with mental endurance.

The other workout is a mental strength as well as pure strength workout.  Its based around ensuring you get maximum RANGE of motion.  It will get REALLY tempting to just get reps out, but you will be short-changing yourself.  You do this with perfect range, each and every time – therein lies the path to improvement. You are probably going to have singing shoulders and humming hamstrings after this treat which we’ve titled “Odds and Evens”. 
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The Uphill Battle & A Choose Your Own Difficulty Workout

This Wednesday – coming out at 9am – Two brand new workouts for our Online Crew.  $3 a week will grab you our weekly fitness program dump.  Yep, instead of ONE coffee, you can get 2 functional fitness programs.

Some new themes here my friends.  A more standard type workout, and then a choose you own path and level workout.
The first cardio workout is going to show you how to use the gradient on your treadmill in new and interesting ways.  An uphill run.  An ever increasingly steep uphill run… uphill run that eventually uses weights… uphill run that plateaus and then has a sprint finish.  Standard. Grin.
The Choose your own difficulty workout almost 3 mini sessions in one.  You could do either Part 1, OR part 2, OR part 3 as an individual workout.  Feel like more of a session?  Then do 2 parts together.  Feel like a solid hero workout?  Bang all three together and see how you go.  So much choice.November week 4 FB Ad - 2018.jpg

This Week’s Training – Where’s the Threshold?

Well hello there y’all.
This week we’re exploring threshold training.  What’s that mean?  we have two workouts for you that provide the possiblity for you to push yourself harder than you thought you could.  Do you need to go that hard?  Absolutely not – if you want to use these for some lighter “turn the legs over” training, you can most certainly do that.  But they are designed so that should you wish to put yourself to test – you can.
Workout 1: Strength & Power – “Inside Out”
Multiple rounds of intense explosive power actions followed up by heavy strength loading to burn oxygen.  The first round is going to be manageable – the fourth is going to push the melt button
Workout 2: Every Changing Cardio – “Stairway to Heaven”
An ever changing series of cardiovascular acitivites that will force the body to adapt, to breathe.  It’s going to make you think about how long you need to recover, how hard can you go and still find ways to get the oxygen in.  Where’s the thresholds for “this is the limit pace” you can hold.
As mentioned above, both workouts can definitely be done at slower paces and are still great at increasing their respective training focus.  Not every workout needs to be a superhero effort.
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