TWO Summer Kickers – Shape and Sculpt

Can you adapt to changing conditions?  We’re all about training you guys up to be able to take on any circumstance – that’s our fitness goal.
Up first – Strength under time.  We have our “Hot Seat” workout.  Timed intervals for you to get as many reps as possible over a variety of exercises.  Its designed for you to try and max out.  You’ll record your summation of reps for a benchmark to try and beat at a later date.
Secondly – we have the “Tag Team”.  A beautiful blend of cardio and oxygen burn.  One move requires constant pace, one move requires burst explosion.  Somehow, you need to find the air to fuel both.  Get read to take on anything after these two beasties.
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New Programs – Training For Athlete Mindset

Last weekend, A.I.P athletes undertook the Sunshine Coast Ironman 70.3 Triathlon.
Now this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the adaptibility fitness required of such training is so useful for general health, so we’ve created a shorter circuit based triathlon with multiple rounds for you to practice pace training and quick muscle adaption.  This is a challenge for most people – as quick adaption between muscle groups and cardiovascular activity is not something that’s often part of a training regime.
Our second program is a 4 – step sequence to help you focus your mind.  We’re going to be honest here, in the swim leg of the Ironman, the conditions were rough, raining, and our wetsuit wasn’t sitting quite right – which caused a near panic state in the first 300m of the event.  This mindset is something we employ nearly every training session and it saved us from withdrawing in the swim, allowing us to focus and get the head back in the game.  We hope you find it useful.
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Burpees, Bikes & Abs – Sounds Fabulous

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Yes – yes it does 🙂
The workout this week involves our good friend the assault bike and just to make things interesting, we’re going to throw some burpees in there.  Hang on – burpees and cycling in the same workout?  Grin – you bet.  We think you’re going to enjoy this one.
Our secondary workout this week is all about core my friends.  Not just functional resistance, but increasing the strength and prominence of the abdominals.  We focus on functionality over look at all times, but the good news is this workout is sure to improve both for you. Win win.
Consistency of workout is key.  Remember, results are gained through continuous action.  If you have one Superhero workout a week, it’s just not going to cut it for you.  Cut down on training time, but increase the number of training sessions.  Frequency will net you a better overall gain.

New Week – New Workouts



We have two scenarios for you:
1) You’re super time pressed, you need something you can blast out in 30 mins and feel like the whole body has had a good workout both cardio-wise and strength-wise.  We have one here for you.  The “In and Out Blaster” is designed to be done as fast as possible for several rounds, combining both cardio and strength formats to leave the body feeling worked and calories burnt.
2) The second is for the days where you REALLY want to push yourself. You want to see what you have in the tank? These workouts only come along every so often on the schedule – so make these count.  Have a good read through the workout, it is designed to be done AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. See what you can do!  Not going to lie – this one is MEANT to push your buttons – the good thing is, it’s short.
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